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Sunday, 29 July 2007

"How I became a Gay" Danny

This is a story told to me by a gay crew. We had coffee during one of our night stops in Copenhagen,in my hotel room with nothing much to do because it was snowing outside. The temperature outside the hotel was about -5C and with that kind of weather,it was best we stay indoor,watching TV or sleeping ( by yourself or better still with a nice looking Danish girl or a stewardess..hahaha)or chit chatting with your friends or colleagues. Well,it was not that I had much of a choice except that Danny my in flight supervisor had invited himself to my room for a chat.

I didn't regret having Dan in my room because I later on had the opportunity to listen to his story about how he was 'converted' to being a gay. It was some sort of confession by him and from the time he started the revelation and to the end,I could see his eyes beaming with pride. He told me he was proud to be a gay and never regretted for a moment.

As I sat on my chair sipping my coffee, Dan began confiding in me how he was a normal guy when he first joined the airlines. He was just like most of the male crew looking for pretty and available stewardesses and female passengers to "bed" with. In fact,he had a 'regular' girlfriend in Bangkok,where the crew night stopped and would shower her with money and gifts whenever he visited her. In fact,Dan had planned to marry her.

It was during one of the London night stops when Dan invited a Caucasian male passenger,Tony, whom he had befriended on his flight.

Tony was a young handsome guy with sparkling blue eyes.He was nice and polite with the crew serving him on his flight and had won the praises and hearts of the stewardesses. One of the stewardesses had confided in Dan she would not mind having a date with Tony but Tony did not pay much attention to her. Instead,Tony was most of the time chatting with Dan whenever Dan could spare the time.

During this stop in London,Tony paid Dan a visit in his hotel room. They went out to the pubs had a few stout and beer and later after dinner adjourned to a show at Piccadilly. In a matter of a few hours,they seemed to get to know each other better than before. In the aircraft,it was more difficult to chat freely.

By midnight,Dan and Tony were back in the hotel room. Dan invited Tony to spend the night in his room since it was late for Tony to travel home.

Before Dan could even changed into his pajamas,the impatient Tony caught hold of Dan and kissed him on his mouth.

Dan confided in me,that the kiss from Tony gave him a wonderful sensation that was different from the one he got from his Thai girlfriend. It was indescribable but sexually beyond words,he told me in the Copenhagen hotel room.

From that day onwards,he never look back and never regret for one moment he was a gay.

Dan was with Tony for a while and then changed partner after a few months. Dan later on was involved with another Caucasian guy by the name of Ted. All along,Dan had only Caucasian boy friends.

A few years later,on the persistent nagging from his mother, Dan was matched make to a woman who he later divorced after the death of his parents. He has a daughter who is now in her teens and living with her Mom.

During his married life,he had affair with men too.
Today, Dan is in his fifties and due for his retirement soon.

The thing that shocked me in my Copenhagen hotel room that day was when Dan confessed to me he had an 'eye' for me and he wished I would have been his boyfriend.However,that was many years ago but I told him that it was wishful thinking for I am happy for being what I am.


tulipo said...

That is a interesting wan, Uncle Boh Tong. Haa.. But ever think that if u were a gay, if only. How would it be. Haa..

Anonymous said...

Tulipo,Then I may walk 'kang kang' a little or like as tho I am bowlegged...hehehe.(1,000 apologies ah my gay friends)
boh tong

teh tareeq said...

What a story!! No one just converted over night to be gay! You can convert your religion or turn over a new leaf...from bad to good...but not possible to convert yourself from a straight heterosexual to gay...with all honesty I believe that this Dany was a closeted offence to Dany...
It so happened that he met the right guy and at the right moment.. and realised that what he had missed all this time and never looked back...
He was even willing to divorce his wife and gave custody of his child to his that he can lead a gay life....if he said that he was converted to being gay....then I think he can convert himself being straight again after being married...but he chose otherwise....
So I honestly believe he is GAY...
and it is good that he realise that and be happy...all the best to him....

Anonymous said...

Hey Teh Tareeq, Where hv thou gone all this time?
Yup u are right to say that but that's what he told me. He was heterosexual but not a very convincing one,he told me once..U know the type not so interested in sex with women but doesn't mind. It was Tony who trigerred the 'gay' gene in him...anyway he is now a contented gay with a nice bf from Holland.

Anonymous said...

Ah ya , maybe he is bi. AC/DC lor.
Both ways also can. Perhaps in the end he prefers being gay.

Anyway I have been told by some of my gay friends that some men especially not the homophobic ones , they are just curious sometimes. Some try and then shiok , so they never want to stop lor..Anyway as long as they do no harm let's respect their sexuality.

Uncle BT , Please la , those bowlegged and kang kang abit exaggerated la . I have some friends who are gay but they walk just so normal leh ..heheheh

Some of them so cute and handsome. But they not interested in old woman like me leh ...heheheh. But must compliment them , most of them have very good and positive work attitude on board and they do give good service to paxs and some of them just rock when you go out with them.


Anonymous said...

Mata..I don't think u are that old. At the most my guest is u are around 30.Aiya can't be as ole as me hor?
Ya lor i exaggerated a lil abt the 'kang2' pt. or being bowlegged..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Wah Uncle BT , I must buy you coffee someday man, . YOu think sister here still wearing blue huh ??? Been wearing that Kermit the Grog Green for a long time man , macam kena condemn man. Can't wait to change to the "Ang kong kong " one leh . Hoping to get promoted soon man. If not sure condemn ....


BT said...

Matahari...sure huh want 2 buy me coffee? Aiya 'ang kong kong will come..only MOT. Don wollie cos uncle support u all the way ( uncle still dreaming as tho still in charge of promotion)

Anonymous said...

Hi uncle BT, wow u so powerful? Even guys are attracted to u. Hehe. GSL

Anonymous said...

GSL...U mean gays are attracted to me is it?...those younger days la but not now..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Wah lah eh! So attractive to men also. You are really something. Mr. Romeo through and through!

Anonymous said...

mayb u closet case also for fun fun u try... who knws!!

SUNNY GALE said...

ai yo yo,
u mean many of YOU dont know there
are Bi Sexual people around.
meaning they get married to a girl and
even have children.
BUT they are still keen for a Gay relationship with another Guy.
check it out MAN.