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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

In the life of stewardess Ah Lian on a SIN/SYD flight.

Sin/Syd flight time is 7 hours 25 mins.
SQ 221 dep.time 2030 hrs
Meals served 2
Pax load full (EY or economy)

Ah Lian at home on the day before reporting for flight.
Preparation for SQ 221 (eg. on Monday)
Pack her clothes and barang barang (stuff)takes 30 mins.
Prepare and gathers info for flights eg. find out the custom,immigration,quarantine for Sydney,crews' names on the same flight and others may take 30 mins.
Rest in the afternoon before flight: 2 hrs (optional).

Reporting for flight SQ221

Reports to cabin crew briefing room at Changi T2, 2 hrs before departure ie.1830 hrs or 6.30 pm local time.
Preflight briefing by IFS ( chief purser) commences at 1830.
Allocation of work positions for crew.
Info for flights like VIP paxs,special care paxs, latest circulars and news for Syd station etc etc.
Participation by all crew at the preflight briefing.
After completion of briefing,all crew proceed to that aircraft at about 1915 hrs or 7.15pm

Ground preparation for flight.

Check pax amenities,toiletries are on board and dresses toilets with cologne,after-shave,tooth brushed & paste etc...ensure ground staff cleaned the toilets and Ah Lian would have to spray "freshaire".
Ensure latest newspapers for outgoing and incoming flights ( Syd/Sin flt) are supplied,latest magazines,cold towels,special meals,cabin is clean, and a long list of things to do and check.
Introduces herself to the cockpit crew otherwise kena zapped by rank conscious captains.
1950 hrs 7.50pm.....paxs board aircraft
Greets paxs, shows them to their seats and assist those kiasu ones with their big cabin bags.
Distribute newspapers,offers hot towels and collects back the used ones,check paxs fastened in for take off,attends to special cases,attends to some annoying and demanding PPS paxs (otherwise they may flashed their big deal PPS cards at the crew),in business and first classes,offers ground drinks etc etc....

After airborne and during flight

Serves pre-dinner drinks,followed by dinner and with all kinds of special meal requests and collection of meal trays 2300hrs or 11pm.
From 11pm to 2am (Sin time),crew would be fulfilling request for drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic and hot drinks , answering umpteen calls from paxs regarding the interactive videos system,demands,continually cleaning and freshening up the toilets soiled by paxs, preparing food and drinks for breakfast to be served at 2am ( 2 hrs before landing).

Breakfast at 2am sin or 4am syd time.
Takes about 1hr 15 mins to served and collect meal trays.
Flight lands at 5.55 ( syd time)

Ah Lian and co. checks into syd hotel at about 7.30am and about 30 hours later operate syd/sin and does almost the same chores again.

Ah Lian would probably have 1 off-day i.e . Thursday and back on another flight again. This time probably a turnaround flight like sin/hkg/sin, working something like 12 hrs in all before being rostered for a long flight.


Anonymous said...

That's a comprehensive overview of the duties of a FSS from reporting to touch down. Good for those keen on a career with SIA as a cabin crew. So any girls out there who find this info useful and wanna join?

The QuizMan.

Anonymous said...


Don't forget grooming and turn out ok ...bun , makeup ,nails ,heeheh

Image Image Image ..." Don't forget that!!! Ah Lian or Ah Huey , you have to transform into that Singapore Girl and sashay from the minute you arrive at the airport until to reach the aircraft. Don't forget" breathe in and chest out"" heheh :)
Happy flying !!!!!


Anonymous said...

also... if no boobs go buy maximizer and push them up high up....

Face bad.... go buy chanel or le mer to apply!

Go get SKII mask also!