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Sunday, 8 July 2007

Language Barrier.

Abu Bakar is the name of the Malay junior steward on the flight. His senior purser usually addressed him as "Bakar".
On a flight from Japan,a Japanese passenger stood next to the galley areas observing the crew working. He noticed the frequent used of the 'word' 'Bakar' by the purser towards the Malay steward. It was 'Bakar could you give the passenger a coke?' or 'Bakar go and ....' and 'Bakar.. this and Bakar' that...
Annoyed,this Japanese who was observing the crew pulled the purser up and in his broken English warned him..'No Baka prease...why scold him Baka,he work very hard!'
The purser found out,later on that 'baka' in Japanese meant stupid! ( pronunciation of Bakar and Baka is almost similiar)

At the pre-flight briefing,the chief purser 'warned' the crew that one of their passengers was going to be a Shaolin monk and jokingly told the crew to behave themselves otherwise "Shaolin monk would Kung-fu you".
The Japanese stewardess,Yuko sheepishly turned to a local stewardess and asked "why is Sharlyn's mum so fierce?" ( Sharlyn was another stewardess).

Senior purser John who was working in the upper deck instructed newbie stewardess "Blur Blur" to take the drink orders starting from the "last row".
Thirty minutes had passed and there was no sign of "Blur Blur" in the upper deck.
On investigation,John found "Blur Blur" on the main deck struggling with drink orders from passengers from the rear section of the economy class cabin.

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Anonymous said...

I jus came back from Jpn.. hey, dat was hilarious! Love ur blog!!