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Friday, 13 July 2007

This Amazing fan of mine

Today,I had an appointment with a fan of mine,yes a visitor who regularly visits my blog. No no its not what you think because its a "he" and not a "she".
Many advisers would tell you to be wary of people you meet over the net.They could be this and that and at the end you might even end up being robbed or conned or in the case of a lady,might be raped and so on.
This relatively young gentleman is about 31 yrs old and is a Singaporean.Guess what?
He is a multi millionaire with vast business interests in food court,hawker stalls,boats,bicycle shops,drink stalls at popular outlets etc.
I do not want to name him because he is a "private" person and I have not asked his permission to blog about him. Damn,I just can't resist blogging about him. Sorry buddy for blogging about you here and if you read this blog please forgive,no I won't divulge your name.
Lets call this young entrepreneur,Alex OK? Yup today was my second time meeting him and had lunch with him.
After lunch,he brought me to a meeting where he discussed business with people who were much older than him. Gosh! he was really good at convincing people to do business with him.
Well I won't say much at this juncture until I obtain the green light from him to go on blogging more about him.
He is one clever guy who let his trusted lieutenant run his businesses for him so he would lots and lots of free time to have coffee with his friends almost everyday. I am lucky to have met Alex whom I think is already a very successful young businessman.
From the conversations with him over lunches and coffee,I estimated Alex is worth at least $7 million bucks!...Wanna get to know him?

Hey I am invited to meet another of my overseas fan who will be in Singapore sometimes next week or so. This time it is going to be a "she",yes a young lady of 20 years,pretty and sexy.
BTW to those critics out there (refer to the comments on my recent post),this boh tong is not fantasizing ok....aiya no need to fantasize lah....BT goes for the real thing hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Wld u meet at 70 yr old fan BT or u go for young ones onli???

Gold88 said...

to be a successful businessman, he must be persuasive.

Anonymous said...

Yes I will meet anyone regardless of age or race or religion if one is sincere and honest.
Gold 88,u ar rite,Alex is a persuasive and amicable guy.
Btw,ppl Gold88 and BL,have met me too in real life...they ar awesome.

Anonymous said...

can i meet u too im 65 yrs old fan of urs??

Anonymous said...

Why not? Anyone above 18 can meet me but email me your tel no.and I will speak to u first ok,65 year oldies..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Wow Uncle BT , you got a suitor - 65 yrs old. heheheh , you may need the blue pill.( not that you need it , but it will definitely pump up the jam la !! I get some for you when i am outstation. heheh
have fun !!

Anonymous said...

If she is female and 65 yrs old,i think not only i need a pill but maybe a dozen viagra...hehehe

Anonymous said...

who was that fan of urs??

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart,
It was you and 'Alex'...remember 'Alex'?
Are u back in taiwan now?

BT :)