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Saturday, 28 July 2007

A visit to a Kathmandu Monastery

On one of our Kathmandu flights,we were privileged to serve the chief Abbot of a monastery in Kathmandu.

He was a fascinating man,no airs about himself,travelled first class and had steak and champagne for dinner.He was dressed in his saffron clothes.

His steak diet puzzled the crew but he noticed it. He explained to the crew about the meat dinner part. Not all Buddhist monks were vegetarians he told us. Some Tibetans monks did eat meat due to circumstances. There were very little veggies grown in Tibet especially during the cold winter months and the people had to live on meat in order to survive.

During our night stop in Kathmandu, he invited the whole set of cabin crew to his monastery which was at the top of a hill.He dispatched three 4-wheel drive to pick us from our hotel.
The pictures above were similar to his place and we regretted for not bringing our cameras along with us during our trip. We had lunch,cooked by his staff and to be honest,it wasn't that yummy...oops ..Sorry Reverend.....

His place was also a orphanage and he had about 200 orphans staying at his monastery.The Reverend was a kind elderly man with good humour. He spoke perfect English.

While we were at his place which was luxurious by local standard,the prince of the Kathmandu was also present.

Here,we crew would like to say "thank you" to the Reverend again and hope everything is fine with him and his monastery and orphanage despite of the recent political turmoil there.


Anonymous said...

UNcle BT

You may want to play down on the First class and champange enjoyed by this monk . heheh

Some ppl may just misinterpret his whole life style and give moonhood a bad name. hahahha


Anonymous said...

Mata,It was the truth that he ate meat and drank champagne and in fact he took liquer too. His followers paid for his first class tickets.He 'educated' us on the reasons why Tibetan monks ate meat and I was real glad I learned something from him.

Anonymous said...


I know la Uncle BT. But you know some cynical ppl , they will brand that all monk are like that and those really that practises a simple life and seek solace will not get any support after that. You know how some ass holes can react like ??? But I believe you la :)