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Friday, 20 July 2007

Wise or Stingy?

Someone just asked me whether it was possible that an SIA steward flying for 3 years could save up to 100K? My answer was yes and quite a number of crew had done it.
An example told to me by a crew:
Take home pay per month is about $3,500 and bonus is $600 ( average per month)= $4,100 per month. Assuming he lives with his parents and hand them $300 and spends $500 on himself (of course he is unmarried),he would save $3,300 per month and in 3 yrs it would amount to $118,800.
This steward was frugal in his spending. He did not spend much on food even at outstaions. He brought his own food like instant noodles,canned food like sardines,luncheon meat etc. and bread. He would eat aircraft food just before landing and saved the cost on one meal. He would do the same when he boarded the flight home ie. ate as much as he could before take off and during the flight. Sometimes he would sneak aircraft food into his hotel room and his entertainment would be watching tv and window shopping.
Some of the pilots did the same thing and they could even saved three times more than a cabin crew(for unmarried co pilot) and that means 350k in three yrs.

I have a few ex colleagues who owned houses that are fully paid years ago. Some of them own properties in places like Australia,New Zealand,USA,Europe,South Africa,Malaysia etc.

One thing for sure,if you have a colleague like that steward or pilot,it's no fun at all.


Anonymous said...

ya man. even im not an air crew always think all pilots are stingy! and they want free ride.

Anonymous said...

we have all sorts of ppl in the airlines industry la. I don't think it's fair to generalise all pilots are stingy cos some are really generous though remotely few. As for cabin crew, most are generous but also got some act blurr when it comes to paying the bills! money not everything la. most important happy happy and make lotsa frens!!!

Anonymous said...

It's ok to be stingy as long as you are not taking advantage of anyone or OPM(i.e. other people's money). I do not like people who are stingy with their own money and generous when it is on company's account i.e.OPM

Anonymous said...

Pilots are basically (tho" not all) cheapo...first thing come on board asking cabin crew for biscuits, peanuts, cup noodles or cappuccino, knowing that the cabin crew are so busy with ground preparations and don't even have time to have a glass of water themselves. Just because they want to save a few $$$ for makan before flight!