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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Your stories wanted by publisher.

“Cabin Crew Confessions: High-altitude stories from around Asia”
compiled and edited by Hui Ying

Are you cabin crew? A pilot? A frequent flyer?
Send us your funny stories and if we use one in the book we'll send you a free copy of the book!
What kind of stories? Anything funny, inspirational, sad or just downright strange involving flying! Stories about fellow crew members, crazy pilots, wacky ground crew, weird passengers ... we'll publish anything hilarious! Simply email your stories to:

Submission guidelines:
1. Email your stories to
2. If we use your story and you would like to receive a free copy of the book, please supply your name and address. We will not print your name in the book, all stories are anonymous. (We can only send one book per person, regardless of the number of stories used.)
3. Don't worry about your English, we will edit and re-write wherever necessary. 4. The Publisher reserves the right to change the name of the airlines and to change the name of all people mentioned in the stories.
5. The Publisher reserves the right to edit all stories, to add or delete text.
6. We will not use libelous stories.


Anonymous said...

arghh tomorrow's gonna be my fifth time trying for

Anonymous said...

What has your failure to get into sia got to do with this subject???
No wonder,sia did not want you.Got shit in your brain!

Anonymous said...

BT, the comments from your readers are interesting! I enjoy reading them. BL

Anonymous said...

BL,thanks that's being positive but there were some comments that are just annoying and abusive.But as a gentleman and with old age and wisdom,I can take those kinds of comments.I would try not to delete them.
Thanks for your visit too.
BT :)

tulipo said...

Hi Uncle Boh Tong,

I support you!
I came in everyday to read your stories!
Write more write more write more!!
I like your stories!!
Dont care abt those a**.. Haa
where can i get the book. I am interested to read!! I dun mind paying for it. How much is it per copy.
Lasly good day to u!

Anonymous said...

Tulipo my buddy! Thanks for yr wonderful support. The editor took only some of my stories (those less likely would put them in trouble with SQ..publisher scared kena sue)and so still short.I need more stories b4 bk can be published. U hv a nice day too.
Boh Tong :)

Anonymous said...

If u write the truth who can sue u man unless ur stories alot of cock n bull...who u wan to kid man!!

tulipo said...

I will wait! ^___^
Good stuff are worth waiting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks and do u have stories too? Email me la :)

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