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Friday, 24 August 2007

Airbus A380 evacuation - 873 people in 77 seconds!


teh tareeq said...

I saw the video....the timing on the video stated 1 min. 17.4secs and not 77 secs.
By the way the demo evacuation was done in the very safe enviroment...You and I know that in real situation of emergency...there will be fire and thick smoke sometimes and also 2 or 3 doors maybe jammed...cant be the evacuation may not be so smooth as in the video. There also bound to be casualties.
I believe SQ will have about 455 passengers for their A380.

Anonymous said...

So true coz there wld b old people, infants n children and they wld b vry tired during the flt. With fear factor invlovled wont be so easy n smooth lah!!