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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Avoid Cheapo airlines,fly SQ !

Death and injury compensations to passengers and crew as a result of flying are things that most airlines do not want to talk about.
However if the above happened,it would be too late for the passengers. Safety is of outmost importance when choosing an airline to fly with. A list of airlines with poor safety records are published by the EU and banned from flying to their airports.

"The European Union on Wednesday banned 92 airlines, most of them based in Africa, from landing at European airports due to failures in meeting international safety standards...." reported by Associated Press

Another factor to consider when flying is the compensation for death and injuries.
The 1929 Warsaw Convention stipulated the compensation of maximum US$10,000 per death.However,recently it has been raised to US$75,000.

For the crew it is even less for some airlines. SIA in its agreement with its union,would pay up to US$50,000 (S$75,000) per cabin crew.
In the SQ 006 crashed in Taipei,SIA generously offered the families of the crew who died,US$400,000 each on top of the US$25,000 immediate payment for misc. expenses.
The families of the deceased crew refused the above compensation and sued SIA.
The cases were eventually settled out of court and one can only imagine how much the families were paid...S$ 1 millions buck each?

My bet is the cheapo airlines would not even compensate the crew's family with a fraction of SIA's payment. However, reputable airlines like BA,QF etc etc...are quite generous too.

How about the passenger's compensation? Cheapo airlines may just stick to the US$75,000 as laid down by the Warsaw Convention.
As for renown airlines like SQ, it is yours as well as my guess. There was no mention of how much the deceases' next of kin of SQ006 got when they sued SIA. If a crew next of kin was compensated around a million bucks,then it is logical to conclude the passenger's family would probably be paid more.(passengers families were also offered US400,000 initially)

Do you still want to fly cheapskate airlines like the one I mentioned yesterday which unscrupulously exploited and made used of its employment candidates to save a few miserable dollars?

Airline's Disaster Response Lauded...referring to SQ's response to the aftermath of the SQ006 crash by Dr. Carolyn Coarsey-Rader, president of Atlanta, Ga.-based Higher Resources, Inc. Her company specializes in disaster preparedness for the airline industry.


Future Tycoon said...

Anonymous said...

you may want to edit your post.

safety is of UTMOST, not "out most" importance.


Anonymous said...

P...thanks for pointing out my mistake...correction done teacher!
BT :)

Anonymous said...

BT, the problem is companies want to save money and put employees on the cheapest available flights. This is why the choice of flying SQ is limited. BL

Anonymous said...

In the SQ6 incident in Taipei, SIA compensated American passengers more than the Asian passengers. Mother fucker SIA management practice the blatant discriminations.

Anonymous said...

No proof don't anyhow talk ok? Otherwise SIA will sue you.

Anonymous said...

If they sue, they just prove they are bigger mother fuckers

Anonymous said...

seriously sad that some people value $$ more than lives.

I always believe that having to go thru all this treatment and medication will not be easy for the people involved in the crash.

So end of the day no amount is sufficient gauge for the human mistakes.

Thats my point of view.

Keep the stories coming BT ... I guess we have met lolx

Anonymous said...

We hv met?...LOL :) and thanks for yr u hv any stories? email me at and I will publish yr stories...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Yes BT..forces of the unknown here..we have very sure.

Oh those who sued...are also not laughing all the way to the bank...cos... they have to pay a certain percentage of token from what they get from the the lawyers.What about the clauses that they have to adhere to?

People know that SQ will never be suckled from commoners. So there...

Sometimes being stupid is better than being smart.