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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Caught for "off loading" company's properties.

Crew and staff being caught for unauthorised removable of company's properties do not only happened with SQ but with some other airlines as well.
It's a perennial problem and one that proves difficult to totally wiped out.
The reasons for pilfering are varied but greed is still the main reason. Staff removed items like food and drinks,liquors,passenger amenities like playing cards,pens,writing materials,shavers,toilet rolls etc etc.

The company has in its standing order which states very clearly that any staff caught removing any company's property without written consent are liable for dismissal.A few cases had been handed over to the state authority.

Of all the places where unauthorised removable occurs,the flight kitchen and the air crafts are among the most common.

As for now,I will just blog about the crew 'off-loading'(crew lingo for unauthorised removable)from the air crafts.

The most attractive item to be pilfered is the liquor. Certain countries where crew night stop, the custom allows each crew a bottle of liquor to be brought in.
So,some crew cannot resist the temptation of taking a bottle off the aircraft which of course is foc (free of charge)and consumed them in their hotel rooms. A few of the crew would sell them to bars,pubs and restaurants.A bottle of Dom Perignom Champagne would fetched as much as A$40 if one were to sell it in Australia.The retail price of a bottle of Dom would cost around A$80 or more.

Leave it to some of the 'pro' crew because they have all the contacts to dispose off the stolen liquor.

Recently,I was told 4 crew were caught for unauthorised removable of liquors on a flight to London. A few in house police officers were posing as passengers on the flight where the 4 crew were working.
After arrival into London,they stopped the crew,identified themselves and proceeded to search the crew's baggage.
The security department must have been monitoring these 4 crew for some time.How they do it,I would not go into detail as I would breached the security process.
The security department has to be cocksure the crew are pilfering the company's goods before apprehending them. These guys are pros and had already done their homework before stepping on board the flight to London.

This brings to mind about a case in Bangkok,some years ago. In this particular case, a senior crew was apprehended by the in house police officers after disembarking from the plane. They found a bagful of Dom and Black Label Whisky.
The culprit was sacked and handed over to the Singapore police.

There were other cases too eg. another senior crew who was with the Concorde was sacked for stealing Dom.
In this case,the crew's girlfriend betrayed him by alerting the company to the stock of Dom he had stolen and kept in his home.
Right after the information was given,the in house police raided the crew's house and found the stolen goods.
The informer gave the tip off because the said crew didn't want to divorce his wife to marry her.
Another crew was sacked when he posed as a passenger(he changed into civis at the arrival hall toilets before custom areas) after his flight and carried the passenger's entitlement of duty free liquor into Singapore.

Some years ago,a staff's house was raided and the authorities found a cupboard full of company's cutlery,crockery,food etc.

There were other cases of similar nature and no matter what actions the airlines takes,the pilfering would still go on.


Nick said...

went to quite a few sq parties and bathtubs full of dp were common. blue label as housepour and lotsa beluga.. those were the good old days.....

Anonymous said...

Come on guys ! Don't cross bridge Now burn bridge ! Now everyone is an angel ? Ha ha

Anonymous said... many cheapskate people always off load one...that's why senior crew better dun play play ah. if u anyhow zap junior on board and u are a perpectual offloader...u sure kana bao toh one

jolhn said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jolhn
What is the correct version may I know please?...Richard.

Anonymous said...

I am not a crew, well I think that it's wrong to "steal" things from the aircraft like liquor. However, I am curious, if there's left over food like fruits or sandwiches, isn't mean of the airlines for not allowing their staff to bring it home with them or they rather sinfully throw away edible food?Any comment?