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Monday, 13 August 2007

A Disgraceful Airline!

A few years ago,some former colleagues of mine went for the cabin crew interviews with an international airline which wanted to open a base here. This Ass airline wanted Singaporean cabin crew on their flights.
After shortlisting a dozen ex crew from airlines like SQ and UA,this Ass airline had the audacity to make used of a few ex senior colleagues of mine to assist them in carrying out some admin duties in Singapore.These duties included telephoning applicants and asking them to turn up for the interviews, sending the shortlisted candidates for medical checks,arranging travel to the headquarters of this airline etc etc.
But mind you,these few ex colleagues were not yet in the employ of Ass airline. They were promised senior positions. One of them was even asked to be an interviewer on their behalf.
Why did Ass airline asked candidates for the cabin crew positions to help them in the recruitment process? Well,it was cheaper and in fact FOC(free of charge) to use these experienced ex crew to run errands for them.

These ex crew helped out in the recruitment because they were told "officially" they already got the job as cabin crew. The one that became an interviewer for Ass airline was told he was to be the new Singapore cabin crew base manager.

After spending a lot of time and energy in helping the Ass airline,the reward was they never got employed at all.

They were made used of by Ass airline for free.What a disgraceful and cheapskate airline was this Ass airline??

NB...I do not want to mention the name of the above airline due to obvious reason or reasons but what I blog here was the truth.


tulipo said...

aiyo.. the airline pple. damn cheapo lor.. Tsk Tsk.. Uncle BT tell me which airline. Haa.. I kaypo ar.. a bit of hint? Heh..

Anonymous said...

an asian airline lah ....aiyo u so kaypo wan...wait i kena sue how...they play dirty wan ok..uncle aso scared...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Dun blame the airlines coz alot of the seniors r suckers mah..!!

Anonymous said...

"Dun blame the airlines coz alot of the seniors r suckers mah..!! "

what a stupid comment was that!!! Hey comment with some intelligence!!!

Jasmine said...

Airline name starts with J right?

Anonymous said...

Jasmine U so clever wan.