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Sunday, 19 August 2007

Eric Chia my good friend.

I am proud to count Tan Sri Eric Chia as a friend of mine.It's great to hear that he has been acquitted of the corruption charges laid against him in the Perwaja case.
From the very start when Eric was charged with corruption,I knew he was an innocent man and he would be acquitted.

Eric and I met on a flight 38 years ago. I was a 22 year old steward and this first class passenger of mine was a burly Chinese gentleman who declined to eat his first class meal. He drank soda water throughout the flight. He never bothered me or my crew and gave us the occasional smile when we pass by where he was seated.

I had served Eric many times on the MSA (Malaysia Singapore Airlines)flights. Not once did he eat on the flights nor drank alcohol.He was usually quiet and deep in thoughts.

There were occasions when he came to the crew's assistance when dealing with PITA first class passengers. He would tell the PITA passengers to back off and leave the crew alone or else be thrown out of the aircraft.
Basically,Eric was pro cabin crew because of his background. He came to Malaysia in 1950 at the age of 17 with only RM5 in his pocket. He became a multi millionaire because of his love for hard work and the people who worked under him. Even when the company he headed got into financial trouble,he kept back his staff and paid them their salaries from his own pocket.

Eric is indeed a very generous man.Whenever he disembarked at the same destinations as the crew,he would bring the crew out for lavish meals.

Once at Hong Kong Kai Tak airport,he almost bashed up an 'ang moh' passenger who was nasty to the ground staff. To us,Eric was and still is the champion of the underdogs.

When a colleague of ours was victimised by our director and lost his job,Eric invited him to Kuala Lumpur and offered him a job that paid double what SIA used to pay him.

"PITA passengers,please don't bully us lah,have a heart hor cos we have to make a living to put our children thru' schools and support our poor aged parents"

Recently,I visited a forum whose members were mostly SIA PPS passengers. While there were many who were courteous and friendly to me after discovering I was the blogger "boh tong",there were others who were snobbish and treated me like a "low down" steward. One accused me of being bias and obnoxious and a few others sided with him.
I responded by telling some of them that while SIA may stand for "Sir I Apologise"( we were taught that even PITA passengers were right when they were wrong and so as cabin crew we must apologise for everything)my name is "boh tong" and it stands for "But Over Here, Terrorising's Over N Gone".
The moderator of the forum closed down the Topic ( PITA PPS passengers)after subtlely telling the other members that I had issued threats.

At the forum,I mentioned some the prominent and nicest passengers I had served,people like Prof. Tommy Koh,MM Lee and Mrs. Lee,Eric Chia,Robert Kuok and others and that a few our PITA PPS passengers should emulate, I asked to piss off.

PITA = Pain In The Arse.
PPS = Priority Passenger Service ( or Poor Pathetic Shitter...hahaha)


Anonymous said...

But Eric Chia did not make me such a good offer to me leh....

BT said...

that means eric did make u an offer but not as good as the one for my ex colleague...:)

Anonymous said...

Simply put...PPS:Priority Piece of Shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that "shit" stuff..hehehe must say its a good one...u must also hv kena by the PPS b4 rite?