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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Humour on a Saturday morning to cheer you up.

1)The cabin crew has to record anything in the cabin and galley that are not working properly in a book called the cabin defect log (cdl)for the ground technicians to repair.
Entries like the following by some of the crew would make you roar with laughter.

"the rear left side toilet door squid!"

"Drystore compartment in ey fwd galley is 1 screw loose"

"FC water boiler overheated can export if not repaired"

"Tray table at 53c slant like crazy"

"Ey toilet *** cannot flash"

"U/D galley light is very deemed"

2) A passenger returned the main dish to the stewardess and told her "the chicken was bad". The stewardess took the dish and in a no nonsense tone said, "chicken behave yourself!" and returned the dish to the shocked passeneger.


Anonymous said...

The Head of Government of a neighbour country, who is a Muslim, traveled first class. An inexperienced FS served him with cutlery that has been used for serving pork, and my, he was furious did not eat any food for more than 16 hrs on the flight back from US.

And this got the attention of the whole management and and even MFA. An apology from Chairman was personally delivered by the country GM 'on his knees' to cool him down.

Anonymous said...

Alamak this person was "M" rite?

Anonymous said...

wow, this is worse than offending PPS solitaire