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Saturday, 4 August 2007

Is the Grass Greener ......?

Yep as the saying goes,'The grass is greener over the other side of the fence' but many a times when you get over the other side,you would be disappointed.
Why the disappointment? Many reasons I supposed.One of them could be as you may find out, the grass isn't any greener and some had been trampled on.
The above applies to many things in life. It could be migration to another country,marry a spouse from a different cultural background,going for a so-called better job, so on and so forth.

Here I would like to talk about SQ cabin crew expressing their dissatisfaction with their company. The crew complained about the wages,condition of work,the working environment,the management,the company policies pertaining to matters like free travel on SQ's flights,medical benefits etc.

The crew need to be exposed to the outside working world. Low salary paid by SQ? Well,tell me where can a crew with a 'O' level or 'A' level education be paid the average of S$3,500 per month when they start flying as a stewardess or steward? That works out to S$42,000 a year and what about bonuses? SIA paid 6.07 month bonus this year to its staff. After taxes,the crew get about $40,000 per year and that's much more than an international Australian airline new cabin crew are paid The taxes are pretty high in Australia with crew paying up to 40% of their wages.
In UK,it is as high as in Australia. The Japanese crew pay a little lower than their European counterparts but their cost of living is many times higher than Singapore.

Working for a company in Singapore with the type of educational qualification and limited experience required by SQ,one would not be paid more than S$1,500 per month.
A fresh graduate with a general degree would be paid an average salary of $2,500 if one is lucky.

With my 35 years of working experience as a crew,instructor and executive,I had been offered jobs of not more than S$1,500. Perhaps,the low salary offered to me was due to my age. My wealth of working experience was not taken into consideration. Now,you tell me,SIA cabin crew where in the world are you able to fetch a salary of S$3,500 a month with your kind of work experience in the outside world?

An American airline pays about S$2,000 a month to its cabin crew based here,in Singapore. Looking at their rosters and the hours flown,they work harder than the SQ crew. They currently night stop their crew at Tokyo only and the rest of the flying patterns are turnaround flights.

So SQ cabin crew do appreciate what you have now. The grass over there aren't greener..believe you me cos I know what I am talking about.

You will only appreciate what you currently have when you lose it.
Do not for a moment think I am in the same league as you all. I have always appreciated the job SQ gave me all these years.
As for now,I am quite comfortable in my retirement and I do not need to work. Blogging,as I found out not very late in life though,is the passion of my life and I am able to make enough to pay for my daily cup of kopi and the 2 meals of my choice whether at the neighbourhood coffeshop or at the Ritz Carlton.


Anonymous said...

Wah Uncle BT , since when you so positive...heheheh I know you are. Just kidding.

Ah ya , anyhere "hu ho huh pai" la. I got batch gals , left after 7 to 10 years flying ...some get better paid jobs and some really really good. of course the jialat ones get paid less. So my stand is enjoy everything while it last la , don't compare. Life is never equal and never fair.

I have come to a point in my life , I think happiness , good health and a warm and supportive family is most important. Having a partner to believe and cherish the relationship is paramount to a blissful journey together. The rest I guess will fall in place.

How to compare , u drive Merz , he drive BM and she Lexus. Me leh ??? Take taxi and sometimes MRT ?? hahhah

How come , she more junior than me leh ???? So the moral of the story is don't compare and be happy. No used feeling sorry for yourself !! hahhah. Cheem right Uncle BT. hahah just came back so off today , so eng eng stop by on your blog lor u a bit la. But i realised now not so many ppl in here hor :(

Matahari :)

BT said...

Aiya i am always positive.Good philosophy la not to compare yrself with ppl who'er doing better.Always compare with ppl worse off and u be happi lor.
Not really less ppl come in here cos my active meter still shows smthing like 350 to 450 page viewed leh. Evrday,got new visitors from other countries visit here.

Anonymous said...

Good morning or afternoon huh ???? Uncle BT , just woke up and don't know what to do come in and support u la , heheheh

You are right la , don't compare and I think you have a better way of thinking ...hehehh compare with the ppl worse off than you. hahahah
But in Sing ? how to ??? everybody keeping up with the Jones ?? heheh Uncle BT , you missed this year bonus leh ....but anyway I know you can do without it la. hahahah
All the best to your blog. I keep telling all my crew about your blog and ask them to support you. hehheeh
Can your active meter tell if my bf goes into your page when i am not around or not ??? heheheheh. Anyway I am using his lap top la ...hahahah :)

Anonymous said...

Good day la my fren..ya lor maybe ppl here are all worse off inclding ourself so no 1 to compare rite? I wont noe wthr yr bf comes in here or not.But Y worri? No gals physically here la.
Ty for promoting my blog 2 yr crew.Go 2 my forum better leh cos more CC there hor.

Lily Ann said...

Hi BT,

It's really interesting reading your blog.
I must say I was really happy when I was flying and I still do miss flying.
It was the pay, the people, the countries and most importantly I've grown up in SQ!

Anonymous said...

HI Lily Ann,
It's the same here Lily.Like U I missed all those things U mentioned. Once a crew,always a crew. Did U see the video I posted last nite of crew having fun in the crew lounge at NRT?
Thanks for visiting
BT :) and BTW U look sooo pretty in the pic.

Lily Ann said...

No leh, can't view - been removed.
Yes, the happy memories made me so proud to be part of SIA. It really taught me alot of things which other job can't. In terms of values..I mean.
How come SIA don't have part time crew?? I don't mind going back you know? Went thru the interview (infact) but hubby stopped me. Sigh....
No lah, not pretty lah. Still wondering how come SQ hired me. Haha! But then standard never drop, so it means - yah! I must be pwetty. **head swell** heehee!

Anonymous said...

The video is still there la..aiya U ah..posted on my blog dated 5 Aug of crew enjoying themselves at Narita hotel crew room.
U soooo cute n thats why sia wanted u mah..but then hubbi's advice more important haha.

Anonymous said...

ya she is so ugly. bt hav bad taste. the video cannot play la

Anonymous said...

Did u mean Lily Ann? Sure she looks so good even after having 2 kids..Video is ok wat.

Lily Ann said...

Anonymous : I am not offended by what you say, everyone have their own views.
I may be ugly on the outside, but most importantly I stay positive & I feel pwetty. Haha!
Uncle BT: cannot view video lah!

Anonymous said...

Lily dont' be concerned what that idiot said abt U cos you are very pretty even after being a mum of 2. Yes the video was disabled by the owner. Sori abt that..and thanks for visiting.

Lily Ann said...

I'm not the least concerned at all. I'm confident of myself.. and I'm thick skinned. Haha!