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Friday, 17 August 2007

Is sex on a plane legal?

An A-list actor is accused of having a mile-high fling, and a private plane company plans to launch chartered flights for romantic liaisons. But what exactly is the legality of this much fabled form of sexual indulgence?

It’s a heady mix. There’s the adrenaline of flying at 30,000 feet on the way to exotic shores and the frisson of illicit temptation. And maybe even the business class champagne.

Sex on an aeroplane - after the seatbelt lights are off, naturally - makes good reading for fans of blockbuster romance novels, but for some it is more than just a fantasy.

Janet Jackson and Richard Branson are self-confessed members of the “Mile-High Club” and Ralph Fiennes may have joined here for full story


Anonymous said...

Should be legal, SIA = Sex In Air

Anonymous said...

Is it also legal for the crew?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to try when I was travelling to and fro certain countries for the past year....but the flights were too full. So thats why the crew have 6.3 bonus?

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