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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Mother's loss,daughter's loss.....

Carol cuddled her little grandson in her arms and slowly rocked him to sleep. Bret was the son of Carol's only child,Cathy.
Now in her early fifties,Carol was retired and a full time grandmother to little Bret. After gently put Bret in his bed,Carol made herself a cup of coffee and sat in her old rocking chair,sipping her hot cup of coffee and reminiscing the past.

Grandma Carol was a flight stewardess in her late teens and early tweneties.She had fell in love with a co-pilot who was as young as her. They were a very loving couple and had planned to get married.

On a unexpected return from a flight that was disrupted due to an aircraft technical fault one night,carol was shocked to find her boyfriend in bed with another stewardess. Feeling hurt and betrayed,Carol left her pilot boyfriend for good.

Carol left the airline soon after her breakup with her pilot boyfriend. She got a job with a bank and fell in love with Tony,her manager. It was a whirlwind romance and they got married a few months later.

After having been married for a year, Carol left the bank to be a full time mother. They had a cute little daughter Cathy and she meant the world to both Carol and Tony.

Now after almost thirty years later,Cathy was married and gave birth to little Bret her only son and child.

Cathy was also a stewardess,like her mother,in the same airline. Cathy,like her mother was also romantically involved with a pilot but this time a captain who was much older than her.

They had gone through much trouble together,yes Cathy and captain Teo to be married. Capt Teo was a married man and had divorced his wife to marry cathy.They were caught in bed by Teo's wife during a night stop in Hong Kong and the rest was history.

Grandma Carol still remember the day when Cathy her daughter brought her captain boyfriend to meet her in a cafe. Carol would never forget the feeling she experienced in the cafe when the three of them met.

The shocked almost killed poor Carol. Cathy's future husband happened to be her mother's ex-pilot boyfriend and now after so many years the two ex lovers met face to face as future mother and son-in-laws.

Carol and Teo were shocked and lost for words when they met that unforgetable day with Cathy in the cafe. However,Cathy was oblivious to what was happening,not realising that she was going to marry her mother's ex boyfriend.

At first, Carol protested against Cathy's planned marriage to Teo but later relented when she realised how much her daughter had loved the man she herself had loved many years before.

The only consolation Carol had of the whole episode was that Cathy had unknowingly avenged on her behalf by robbing Teo's ex wife of her husband.

Before she could lift her cup for the last few sips of her coffee,a loud ring of the house phone got Carol running to answer the call. It was Cathy's voice but one that filled with panic and fear. " Mom,Teo is dead,My darling is dead......" and the voice over the other end of the phone faded away.......

A few days later,captain Teo's body was cremated. He had died of a heart attack while he was away during one of his night stops.


josephine said...

Oh my god, this story is so sensational. i can't believe must have been awful to be dating someone who's once ur mum's ex-lover... horrendous, indescribable

Anonymous said...

How abt my earlier story regarding a stwd who quietly slept with his older bro's wife and later married her?....Sis_in-law became wife.."shake head.." sigh.. dono what the world is coming to?

Anonymous said...

haha karma

Anonymous said...

people nvr chg la. once a womanizer, always a womanizer. even a captain told me. once a liar, always be a liar. just like kevin

Anonymous said...

Kevin?? Kevin who dear?

Anonymous said...

Did the daughter know she married to someone her mother almost marry to? BL

Anonymous said...

No, Cathy did not know unless capt Teo her hubby told her...I know Carol and that's how I got the story.
Thanks for visitng BL.
BT :)

Anonymous said...

Carol is destined to look after Captain Teo's baby, no matter what.