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Saturday, 29 December 2007

Mei, ex-British Airways(BA) stewardess from Hong Kong

Above: View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

(In 1997, Hong Kong became home to the world's most expensive residential property when high-flying property developer Wong Kwan paid nearly US$115 million for a six-bedroom home in Hong Kong's most prestigious neighbourhood, Victoria Peak. Click here for info)

All I said was "lady you got an awesome looking handbag and she thanked me for the compliment and in jest asked me,"how about the owner?". My response was immediate," simply gorgeous and glamorous" and I introduced myself.

It was about 1 am in a cafe,situated on Hong Kong's Kowloon side that I 'bumped' into Mei. The year was 1975 and the crew stopped in Hong Kong for 2 days on a flight from Singapore. I was part of the crew and we stayed at the Holiday Inn,a fabulous hotel on Kowloon.

Mei knew from my English I was a foreigner and when I told her I was from SIA,she became excited. "Are you a pilot?",Mei asked. I told her I was a cabin crew member and she screamed in jubilation and with pride beaming in her eyes,she told me she was a British Airways stewardess.

Mei was excited to meet me another crew and had all along missed flying since she "married" John,a wealthy elderly Hong Konger. She wanted someone she could relate to with regard to her flying days and I was the right person.

Strangers when we met but it did not matter to Mei and we became good friends later on. She invited me over or rather on the pretext that she needed escort to go back to her place at the renowned Hong Kong's Victoria Peak.

John was away,as usual, on business and Mei,a sweet,lovely looking Chinese lady with fair skin was a lonely "tai tai". Mei did not have many friends and if she did,they were not airline crew.

Mei used to fly for BA for a few years and had thoroughly enjoyed flying.She was in her mid 30s when we met that night.I was 29 then.

It was in the wee hours of the morning when we arrived "home" at Mei's apartment. I couldn't believed my eyes when I saw the wonderful view of Hong Kong as we drove up the hills to Mei's place.The view from her apartment was even more picturesque.

The moment I entered Mei's apartment,I was awed by the gorgeous wallpapers ,the chandeliers,the Picasso's on the wall and in fact the whole atmosphere was just mesmerising.

Mei must have spent millions on the interior decor,I thought to myself.The whole apartment with its stunning view of the harbour and the classy neighbourhood must have cost at least US$50 million at today's price.
There were 5 bedrooms plus the servant's room,the spacious living and dining rooms,the private guest room etc etc...Never in real life have I witnessed such a gorgeous apartment except in movies.

I was taken on a tour of the whole apartment and my "guide" was the proud Mei. Proud and yet unassuming and humble was how I assessed Mei.

As a young man and as any normal young man would,I had some dirty thoughts when I first met Mei,I must confessed. The thought of starting a romance with this sophisticated and fascinating lady was always on my mind the moment I met Mei at the cafe.
However, the manner in which Mei conducted herself throughout that night or early morning rather, made me think twice before making any stupid move.
I was glad I was not in a hurry to 'bed' Mei for many reasons.


Wwww said...

i always thought you only bed with Michael, not "Mei"...hehe..I always have impression that SIA stewards are mostly gxys..Do you think so?

Anonymous said...

do u thk i am a gay by btw i blog??

Anonymous said...

Sorry lar, the way you wrote your blog does give impression of "sissiness" or showed that you are "bitchy" in some ways. That is not really how a veteran cabin crew behave, epecially from a so-called "senior" person. In every industry, when you retired from you job, you should still pay respect to your past career and those colleagues still serving passengers. Moreover, you were someone serving in Raffles class and First class before (I assumed), I am one of the passengers flying in all those classes of flight too, I can't really see the integrity of your character when seeing the way you made certain comments..and IMHO, when you started this blog with a catchy title "...served with SIA for 35 years ..." You were asking for certain amount of respect from people, didn't you? However, the way you answer to your dear bloggers , is so "bitchy" to me. Anyway, there are rooms for improvement. I hope you keep up with your good work, share with us more "updated" stories lor. In fact, what your fren (SS Tan) is doing is good you know. The more you criticise him, or make fun of him/the younger cabin crew wannabes, it reflects very bad on you..it makes you sound like "lau ah kua" ...Sorry lar, just borrow your word...:-)