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Friday, 17 August 2007

That Cheapo (cheapskate) Airline

A few days ago, I blogged about that cheapo airline which made used of its cabin crew wannabes to help out in their recruitment (interview) process in order to reduce cost.
Now I have a report from its ex crew that their safety procedure is in question. It has employed an ex cabin crew from another airlines who is not even certified as cabin safety instructor to be its chief safety instructor. All this is done in the name of cost saving.
A few management staff of another established airline, who were "forced" to retire due to incompetence were also employed by this cheapo airline.
Why? Because cheapo would be able to save a few hundred dollars.
One retired senior cabin crew from another airline was employed by cheapo only to jump ship later on during a nightstop in Europe because cheapo did not honour the salary it promised this ex crew. Later on this ex crew came back to Singapore and worked in a retail outlet that paid S$1,500 per month. "I rather worked here in Singapore for an honest company for $1,500 a month than fly for that cheapskate and untrustworthy airline", this ex crew said.

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