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Monday, 27 August 2007

The Identical twins

Ro and Lex were identical twins borned a few minutes apart. They joined the airlines as flight stewards at about the same time. Very few people would be able tell the difference between the two brothers.

Their parents love Rolex watches,hence the name Ro and Lex. When they were borned,their parents who were so obsessed with the Rolex watches not only named them after the watch but bought each of them a boy sized half gold Rolex.

Ro,the older of the two fell in love with an Australian girl Jill, whom he met in Melbourne during his night stop.They were dating each other and planned to get married when Ro had saved enough money.

Unfortunately,Ro's parents were against the idea of their son marrying a Caucasian girl. They tried talking Ro out of it but to no avail.

The younger brother Lex was a filial son and he could not understand why his older twin brother would not obey their aged parents.

During a night stop in Melbourne,Lex called Jill up and pretended he was Ro.

Jill came and visited Lex,thinking he was Ro.

That night after a few drinks,Lex had sex with Jill. In fact,he took her virginity and left a "broken pot" as he called Jill for his older brother.

When Ro came to know about the incidence,he almost killed Lex for he knew Lex did it to please their parents,knowing very well Ro would not want to marry a "broken pot".

Poor Jill and Ro broke up after the sad incidence and till this very day,Ro is a bachelor.


Anonymous said...

Man,that's a little below the belt

Anonymous said...

Lex would do anything to please their parents. Would you if in his shoes?
BT :)

Anonymous said...

Ah Lex = Good Man

Ah Ro = Good Man until he became Shortie's Shadow

Anonymous said...

Ah Ro is a big "chicken customer" in china & geylang. Bachelor man, don't blame him.....he needs to Fxxx too and he's fat n ugly. Who will marry him? For his miliion$$$ maybe.