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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Wanna know why SIA inflight service is the best on this planet?

There are many reasons that contribute to the renowned inflight of SQ. They are the stringent interview processes,the experienced interviewers,the rigorous training (4 months compared to 1 to 2 months for most airlines),the management support,the quality of the trainees recruited etc etc...

In my most humble opinion,it is the strong SIA cabin crew culture that had been passed down from people like Cyril Teo, Peter Chong,Willy Goh, Edward Lim Habiba,Fatima,Dolly Tan,Vivian Khoo,Betty Leong,Bee Hwa etc from the first few batches of stewards and stewardesses that has been ingrained in the hearts and minds of the cabin crew.This culture has been the strongest influence on the high standard of our inflight service today.

We had been fortunate to inherit the culture of pride in our service towards our passengers. SQ cabin crew,in their hearts know that passenger satisfaction is their satisfaction too. So everything that the crew does will always be done with diligence and pride.

The respect bestowed on the senior crew by their juniors is another influence on the inflight service standard. You hardly hear of junior crew having their meals on the flight,no matter how hungry they may be,before their senior. Unless the senior crew do not want to eat first,then with permission, the junior will have their meals.This applies to drinks,greetings etc.

However of late,the juniors are getting less respectful of their seniors and the false and much misunderstood signals that the management sends to them to even report the seniors if they had done wrong,make them much bolder.
Click here if you don't believe me and you would read of the complains they have of their juniors.However,let's hope those type of junior crew are in the minority.

Let us not forget those pioneers whose names I have mentioned above and many others whom I do not have the time to mention. They made us all proud of them for their wonderful contribution which today has made us excellent service providers.


sl said...

Today most students are rude and disrespectful. Parents should spend time to pass down moral values and not abdicate educating moral values to teachers. Because after all, they are children very first role models.

Anonymous said...

U are right SL these days the kids are really spoilt. Parents are busy working and the kids are left with maids so the result is .....

Anonymous said...

the implicit culture of the crew whereby the seniors get priority in everything is a horrible culture to begin with. in a society where we strive for meritocracy, it is ridiculous that junior crew should be treated like kids having to respect their grandparents. you don't cultivate such culture where seniority even within the same rank is being enforced. everyone should be treated with same respect and pleasantries regardless of their rank.

the cabin crew have been taken akin to SAF. and senior crews who endorse sucha culture are themselves to begin with, deprived of power and achievements in life that seize any opportunity to feel important themselves.

i think it is really sad that people who fly for a considerable time are stuck in this "i am powerful because i am senior". fact is, you and i both know it can ONLY be exercised within work, and result - junior crews treated like 2nd class citizens.

i am not a crew, but i understand the workings of the dept, and i strongly disagree that the service standards of SIA has anything got to do with the pioneer batch enforcing such implicit culture.

it is unhealthy!


Anonymous said...

'Grace Hopper' Quote

"Leadership is a two-way street, loyalty up
and loyalty down. Respect for one's
superiors; care for one's crew."
BT :)

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ is God. Remember this and Worship him and you will realise that all the problems in the world is unimportant. Believe in HIM and cast all your worries unto HIM and he will take care of them. Praise The Lord.Always say a prayer and you will be fine.

L said...

I agree with P

Does good service only comes from people who are made to feel inferior. That is so sad.