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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Betrayed by his lover.

Cheeko the boss of cabin crew demanded that chief steward Len withdraw his report on stewardess Debbie. This stewardess was reported for being lazy and incompetent but because of her sexy ways,Cheeko took a liking to her.
Len refused, knowing that Cheeko was a "chee ko peh" (Hokkien for horny)and favoured only sexy and pretty stewardesses even at the expense of discipline and service standards.

Naturally,Cheeko was upset with Len for not complying with his orders. Cheeko tried ways and means of finding fault with Len and his work but could not touched him because Len was a good chief steward.

The phone on his spacious desk rang and when Cheeko picked up the receiver,a woman's voice over the other end sounded like sweet music to Cheeko's ear. He was dying to chat with any young "skirts" on that boring afternoon. Cheeko's office staff were mainly men and old ladies and he was in no mood to interact with them except for official business.

"Mr Cheeko my name is Kris and I am chief steward Len's girlfriend" Kris introduced herself to Len's boss over the phone. " I know you hate Len like crazy and want to get him a sack but you could not find fault with him or his work", " I know of something that you may want to get hold of and with that,you would be able to boot Len out of  the airlines", the evil Kris told Cheeko.

Kris had been living with Len in his flat for a year and they were lovers until one day when Len wanted to end their relationship. Furious,Kris sought revenge by calling up and giving information to Len's boss so he would be sacked.

Len over the years had kept a free collection of the airlines duty free booze in his flat. On almost every flight, Len would steal a bottle of whisky or brandy or champagne and displayed them in his "bar". He was proud of his bar collection and would invite his friends for drinks at his home whenever he had the time to spare.

Coming back to the phone call she made to Cheeko,Kris informed him about Len's loot.Within the next few hours,the authorities raided Len's flat and confiscated all the stolen booze.

With the evidence in hand, the airlines set up a disciplinary enquiry which found Len guilty of theft. Len was immediately sacked.

A few weeks later,Cheeko was seen with Kris,Len's ex girl friend,in his car heading for a hotel somewhere in the Johor Bharu,Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

hi bohtong

are there any indonesian flight stewards in SIA? i went to walk-in interview last year and i managed to go through until wct round. but during the july 2007's recruitment, i was told they don't accept indonesian stewards and i didn't even go to the first round. and the confusing part is i am shortlisted for the recent write-in interview.

any help? thanks.


Anonymous said...

As far as I know SIA do not recruit Indonesian stewards.Go to and ask around and maybe the current crew can help answer yr question.

Anonymous said...


pls advise, do the cabin crew and cock pit crew mix around often? my husband passed the pilot's interview and my gfs warned me me that the sia pilots mix around frequently with the sia cabin crew.

pls advise.

should i be worrying at all?


Anonymous said...

the pilots and cabin crews stay in the same hotel and they do mingle ard in the air craft and some bitches when they are horny they wil approach the pilots. so there u go. my advise is just hope tat u wont find out and yr bf is gd enuf to lie. v rare tat the guy cant control themselves

Anonymous said...

tis is my exp wit all the pilots i know. even the strong christian pilot i know when he hav argument wit his gf, he wil find others and sometime u cannot blame the girl cos the pilots is so gd in lying to the innocent girl too. at the end is yr choice whether his money or infidelity. and the pilots gfs all of them are insecure bitches and can b unreasonable blaming the innocent girl too without excepting the fact the pilots is the bastard

Anonymous said...

i understand your worries..just liked me when i first started dating a pilot. He told me to trust in him that even a stewardess strip off her kebaya infront of him, he wont bothered and i answered only when she is ugly..he just gave a smile. All guys are of the same animal..whether not they are pilots or engineers. i've learned to close my eyes.

Anonymous said...

i just believe that it takes two hands to clap. That "innocent" girl should learn not to bed a man so soon only after much more understanding of the man. Or is it just because the man is a pilot that she has to have sex with him before he change his mind? In this case, shouldnt the socalled "innocent" girl be labeled as cheap sluts? So, you cant blame the pilots' "innocent" gfs too.

Anonymous said...

it is not only abt sleeping wit the pilot but feeling too. and the pilots wife or gf b4 anything can scold the innocent girl a bitch

Anonymous said...

Why all the big fuss (above comments)? If the girls want to sleep with the pilots that's their business. We have no right to call tme bitches etc.

Anonymous said...

aiyah we mean the pilot gf call the other girl bitches la and they hav cat fight and end up calling each other bitches wat. bitch mean female dog tat fuck ard anyway

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree bcox not only pilots bed the girls but the senior cabin crew ( not me ah ..hehehe)
Anyway,you will find horny girls everywhere.

Anonymous said...

But come on... if the gals and the guys are willing party and they don't give a damn.. who are we to judge?

But its very bad karma if one is married or attached and still farks around like a crazy bunny...

But still... good men and ladies hard to find lar these days sianz...

Forces of the Unknown

Anonymous said...

haha. there are lots of gd girls and guys. just tat u guys in the wrong crowd. if both party want to party then its ok but some bastard just lied. eg is kevin ho

Anonymous said...

why all this big fuss about pilots? i don't know, maybe i'm still too young to know about the things of the society? being fifteen. but anyway, i think you all shouldn't put all pilots as a whole? and why put em' all in such a bad light? y'know, i'm sure there're good pilots too. not ALL pilots are ANIMALS, and not ALL cabin crew are BITCHES. i mean, you really shouldn't label them as a whole! i'm sure its only a minority that plays around. i think this is really more like a trust issue.

Anonymous said...

Hi...Any pilot around? What is it like to go thru the first round of the interview?

jimi said...

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