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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Crash raises airline safety fears

Ballantyne,the chief correspondent for Orient Aviation magazine, urged travellers to do their homework when choosing flights.

"Look for accidents or safety issues," Ballantyne said. He also recommended airlines connected to strong parent companies - such as Jetstar, operated by Australia's Qantas Airways, or Tiger Airways, which is 49 per cent owned by Singapore Airlines.

One-Two-Go Airlines is tied to Thailand's Orient-Thai Airlines, which has had its own share of problems over the past few years. One plane nearly clipped a tower in Tokyo's city centre while landing and others were issued warnings in South Korea for having outdated passenger safety manuals, he here for more

I know of one cheapo airline which used one retired cabin crew supervisor to be their chief safety trainer when that ex crew was not even rated as competent enough to teach safety subjects.
This ex crew was employed because of "connection".

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