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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Did stewardess Ronda marry the Sultan's P.A.?

My supervisor informed me the Personal Assistant to the His Royal Highness wanted to downgrade himself to the business class.
In this sort of situation,the airlines would not mind as the PA's seat was in the first class. The PA was a handsome tan looking well built man of about 35 years old. Later on during the flight he was frank and honest with me. He told me he was eyeing the stewardess working in the business class.
Ronda was an exceptionally gorgeous looking girl of about 24 years of age. She was the most attractive girl on this flight from Singapore to London. No wonder Eddy the PA was interested in her.
The moment,Eddy downgraded himself to the business class,Ronda knew he was keen on her.
It was a long flight to London,almost 14 hours and the flight was 80% full except for the first and business class. It was during the flight that Eddy made a quick move.By the time,we landed at Heathrow and just before he deplaned,Eddy cheekily winked at me as if to tell me he had already made a date with Ronda in London.
We had a 3 day stay at London Gloucester Hotel on this trip. Most of us crew went shopping at Oxford and Regent Street as there was a big summer sales.
We ate most of the time either at London Chinatown or at Queensway except for Ronda who was busy with Eddy.
On the last night before our flight back to Singapore, Ronda called me and wanted to come to see me in my room.
Over coffee in my room,Ronda told me of her adventure with Eddy. I could see the sparkle in her eyes as she related her story to me. She was indeed deeply in love with Eddy.
Ronda and I could get along very well as friends and colleagues and she would never lied to me about the things she told me. Some of the insight I had about the lives of the royalties were fascinating. Ronda told lots of things which she heard about the princesses,princes and their families from Eddy.
A layman like you and I could not fathom the types of lives they lead and how they spent their wealth. It was incredible and I have to thank Ronda for it. be continued


Anonymous said...


Don't you wish you were a gorgeous SIA girl, and you do not need to slog for 35 years. LOL

Boh Tong said...

Hmmm yes many times I wish I was a gorgeous SIA girl and just married some rich and nice man who would take of my retirement and with lots of money to splurged...hehehe
BT :)

Anonymous said...

You prefer to get laid then to be the rich people laying on SIA girls?

Anonymous said...

of course I prefer to be the rich guy so I can lay the girls but then the question was would I want to be a gorgeous sia gal...
BT :)