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Monday, 3 September 2007

Did stewardess Ronda marry the Sultan's P.A.? ..continues

One of the things Ronda related to me was how their conversation was interrupted by a call from the royal family and Eddy was summoned to attend to a little princess.
At the time Ronda was there,they were staying at a posh London hotel. One whole floor of the hotel was reserved for the members of the royal family.

When Eddy left his suite,Ronda was wondering whether it was a test of her honesty.The suite was filled with expensive gold and diamond studded watches and gifts meant for the royal families' friends.The were lots of cash,stacks of crisp 20 pounds notes and US dollars lying around in the opened suitcases.No one was in the room except Ronda. There was a great temptation to pocket some of the watches and cash,Ronda secretly confessed to me but then on second thought,she thought it might be a test for her by Eddy.
When Eddy came back to the suites,he teased Ronda about pocketing the gifts and money. It confirmed to Ronda that it was a deliberate attempt by Eddy to test her honesty when he left her alone with all the luxuries around her.
Eddy showed Ronda the hidden cameras which secretly taped her when she was alone in the suites.
Ronda felt insulted at seeing herself being taped and chided Eddy for doubting her integrity and honesty.She was so angry that she packed her belongings and dashed out of the suites.

I was told that the sultan had a multi storey air conditioned car park to house his expensive cars back home.
The royal families travelled on chartered flights most of the time with dozens of body guards and governess (maids) to care for the kids.
During their shopping spree,they would spent millions of dollars at one go. Meals in the palaces were cooked by specially trained chefs and each meal would cost thousands of dollars, with much of the food to be wasted later on.

Eddy felt bad at the way he treated Ronda and he called her at her hotel to apologise and later followed by a bouquet of flowers sent to her room.
After some persuasion and apology,Ronda was back with Eddy.They had a beautiful and memorable time in London,albeit too short. What went on romantically between the two,Ronda did not tell me.

Over the next few weeks, I met Ronda on another flight and this time she told me Eddy had proposed to her and she would not be marrying him until she had solved her main problem and that was her steward boyfriend.
Ronda and her flight steward boyfriend steve had been dating for the last few years and although they had planned to get married,Steve's drinking habit and bad temper were obstacles to their relationship.
Now Eddy's proposal was a great temptation for Ronda to ditch Steve.But then,after all these years with Steve,there was a little hesitation on Ronda's part to leave Steve for Eddy.
Will Ronda finally leave Steve and marry the rich and handsome Eddy? We will find out more later on.......


Anonymous said... wat happens next? quick uncle BT, dun leave the story stranded and us craning our necks to know the ending..

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At least there is 1 person like u who wants to know.The rest don't seems to be interested...sigh..sigh

Anonymous said...

Not true. Most like me are too lazy to drop comments. I am in suspense and waiting and waiting and...

Anonymous said... buddy BL how are ya? ok lah I will blog about it has been a long day 4 me...gooda nite..hehehe
BT :)

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Where is the next part????