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Friday, 21 September 2007

Ex CCEs making an ass of themselves.

There were times I do not blame SIA for booting the CCEs (cabin crew executives)out of the company or ooops I mean making the post of CCE redundant.
The more than a dozen of them joined a company called LRXX,which sources for and trains the cabin crew of mostly 3rd world country airlines. In fact most of them bought shares in the company.
After some unsuccessful attempts to gain more contracts from the 3rd world airlines,they squabbled and fought with each other,resulting in a breakup in the management of the company.
The main shareholder,a Mr. L finally relieved the ex CCEs of their shareholding.
These ex CCEs later on joined a aerospace company called Mil### and trained a batch of stewardesses for a S.E.Asian airlines but that was all they did for the last 2 years.
Hey What's happening guys? Senile already or too rich to go back to training the young girls. Maybe no more engagement from other companies huh? Maybe nobody wants you all ya? Please lah don't give the other ex colleaugues a bad name ok?

I also heard the other smart ones who didn't joined the group mentioned above is now engaged by a company that are also involved in cabin crew training. Hope those few Ex CCEs will work hard and be competent so as to restore the good image of their ex colleagues.

Their moto was "One for all and all for none" still echoed in my ears.

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