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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Husbands and Boyfriends.

Some of the stewardesses' husbands and boyfriends would go to the extreme to get them into trouble with by informing SIA about their wives/girlfriends' dishonesty,extra marital affairs with the married senior male crew etc..
A few started to abuse the girls.

Here were a few cases that I knew of:

Case 1

Vivian was married to John(not a crew) and when things were going on well,one could see them kissing each other at Changi airport whenever Vivian was going on a flight or after a flight. They were pretty loving until one day when John found out about Vivian's affair with her inflight supervisor.
John wrote to the cc management and informed them Vivian was a married woman even before she joined SQ. He alleged Vivian falsely declared to SIA she was unmarried.
For false declaration,Vivian could be sacked.
John also called the ifs's wife and told her that her husband had been screwing Vivian. Not long after, the ifs's wife who was an ex stewardess let John screwed her in her apartment whenever her husband was away on flight with Vivian.( The ifs and Vivian were in the same team )

Case 2

When Alice wanted to leave Bob,he wrote to SIA and revealed that Alice had a daughter before she joined the airline and had falsely declared she was unmarried.

Case 3

Jenny could go on supporting the unemployed parasite Joe and he reported her to the company for being a "prostitute" to some rich passengers.

Case 4

After months of receiving gifts and cash from a PPS passenger Peter,Joey decided to call it quits with him. Peter purposely bought a ticket and booked himself on the flight Joey was working. On that flight,in front of the crew,Peter spat into Joey's face and called her names.

Case 5

When stewardess Jane and leading steward Peng broke up,Peng gave Jane such a difficult time on the flight that she had a miscarriage. The unborned baby was some else's.

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