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Saturday, 15 September 2007

I don't care whether Sky Trak or any asses rate SQ lowly!

I was with SQ for 35 years as its cabin crew and executive and although I may disagree with its management on some of the policies,my bet is still on SQ.
SIA or SQ is still the best airline to fly and I don't really care what Sky Trak or sky cock say about SQ.
There were questions by my readers regarding the above and I extract 1 in particular with my answer too..

"To answer the first post why skytrax rated us lowly , according to a senior management, Skytrax did approach SQ to take part in their survey but SQ did not want to cos SQ already engage another survey agency which SQ think is more reliable/accurate. So after being turned down, thats when Skytrax ratings for SQ drop, but in order to be a convincing survey, SQ has to be among the top few airline or else it would not seems credible .Thats why, SQ management are not concern with Skytrax findings . As for the other survey agency which SQ took part in, the results are not to be use as advertising, and according to that survey SQ is always number 1.

SQ Boy

10:57 AM

Hi SQ Boy,
Lets put it this way,no matter what if I have to pay,I would still fly SQ not only for the inflight service but for reliability,punctuality,insurance coverage (some cheapo will pay peanuts),comfort etc....I am all for SQ not bcox I was ex SQ staff but for the value for $$.

11:25 AM

Anonymous said...
oh.....i see ...that is the reason....
thanks sq boy.

from first asker



Anonymous said...

BT, just visited your funny site. The George Bush video was hilarious. I laugh so much and so loud that I missed some parts. Man, my stomach hurts from laughing too much.

Anonymous said...

Me too,I laugh until my stomach hurts and because it was so funny I post it here. Hey Thanks (U are BT too?) cos U share the same humour.B4 U comment,I thgt I was the only one who thgt it was hilarious and funny.
Boh Tong

Anonymous said...

BT, sorry it was BL:))