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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

List of top 10 most feared crew-in-charge.

I was surfing the net and came across this rather familiar blog called boRtong. In that blog, at the right hand side bar, is this little cbox where visitors could leave their comments that I found something very interesting. It was posted by "foreigner" and in it were the names of the 10 most feared inflight supervisors (IFS) or crew-in-charge. Some of those 10 names mentioned were not familiar to me at all while the rest are known to me.
Those 10 names mentioned by "foreigner" are senior crew whom most junior crew would want to avoid flying with at all cost. To most of us,they were just doing their job,like being strict and being the no nonsense type.In fact,if you were to ask me,it is good to have some of these senior crew around. They don't believe on being popular.They,in general,sweat for their salaries.
They is another group of IFS (inflight supervisors or crew-in-charge)who are very popular with the junior crew. These are the ones who couldn't care to hoots about the company. They are very very lenient and would close both of their eyes to sloppy and bad services offered by their crew to the passengers. They just want a good time and easy flight and let their junior crew get away with "murder".
There is also another type of IFS and senior crew. These are crew who are nasty to their junior crew for the sake of being nasty. I noticed one or two of the names mentioned are in the last group. These senior crew are a pain not only to the junior crew but to the company as well.
One of them a married man, for example, used to f**** around with a foreign stewardess.He wanted to be strict to the junior crew but his unacceptable behavior puts many crew off. He was not well groomed at all on most of his flights,especially his hair. We believed he put so much fear into that foreigner stewardess that she submitted to him in order to avoid being bullied on her flights.
I am not too sure he is still with that stewardess but a leopard never changes it spots.
I was quite surprised the company did not retrenched that IFS during the SARS period when it was trimming cost to save the airline.Some other "not that bad" crew were retrenched instead or rather given the early retirement. It was a bad judgement on the part of the past cabin crew management headed by an ass**** SVP who had since been booted out.


Pudding said...
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Pudding said...

Must say I'm surprised it took me such a long time to find your blog... Like after I quit SQ. I wish I'd found it sooner! Especially liked your article on the many health problems faced by aircrew. Have no fear though, gahmen is spending $88 million in the next five years to improve Singapore's mental health facilities! Woot.

Come visit me sometime. My blog is SQ related too... Well it is and it isn't! Looking forward to more updates in the future :).

Anonymous said...

unfairness not only happen in air crews but offices can be so shit sometime

Anonymous said...

lets just put it this way....end of the flight u say 'thx for the flight' and then mumbleand curse under your breath at that senior crew or who ever u don't like workin with..and just wish u dont have to fly with that person again or change your future flights away....if u work in an office and u can'tquit your job;...u are faced with the same xxxhole EVERYDAY getting the better deal >:)

Anonymous said...

There are also nice snr crew to work with so its not that bad after all. Why don't BT list the best 10 IFS?

Anonymous said...

well office job mean we are not stuck in the plan and can play hide and seek. we don hav jet lag and we are stil worthful when we are pregnant and after