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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Passing of a great IFS.

I am sorry to announce the passing of ex IFS M. Teheran. He died suddenly of a heart attack,I was told. He would be in his early 60s,perhaps 62 years old.He had a heart bypass a few years ago but it only prolonged his life for a short while.
Teheran or Mike as we fondly called him was a gentleman and courteous guy. He would always spare time to chat with people he met.
We, in and outside of Singapore Airlines would certainly miss Mike. Goodbye and farewell Mike and condolences to his family.
If anyone has more information to the circumstances leading to Mike's death please contact me through email or leave a comment at the bottom of this article.
Thank you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He was my former IFS. We all like him a lot as he was nice to work with. I will surely missed his voice; powerful & magnetic. Whenever he made annoucement, all would have stopped whatever they are doing and listened. He'd be a great newscaster if he was not in the airline.
Condolences to his family.
God blessed his soul.