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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Stewardess kena Slapped on flight!

Below is a copy of an email sent to me by one of my readers

Hi Bohtong,

this is Al again.

The moment of Truth has finally arrived!
Incident happened on SQXX on 20Sep onboard before arrival Narita Japan.
The offender was travelling with her high profile husband,a LPPS pax, siting in JCL.
She was going to toilet and saw Fss chatting with her husband in the galley.
Pax raised her hand and slapped Fss very hard in the face!
She must be very jealous with all the attention our PPS are having all these years...Ha ha.
Heard lawsuit for a million $ coming up since pax must be very rich.


Anonymous said...

how was the husband chatting with the FSS, was she flirting with him? It's a fine line bet friendliness and flirting.

Anonymous said...

Some passengers pay a few bucks for their tickets and thgt stewardesses are also part of the service. Can't blame their wives.

Anonymous said...

... dun think chatting with pax is in the job description ... and with such ghastly reputation of past and present stewardesses here and in other airline blogs, cannot blame the wives ... perhaps a robot can do the job as well without breaking up families ... for eva ... curse these stewardesses with itchy bahwas who break up decent families ... ccbs ... wanna f..k, plenty of single men around ... but no, they must pick the married ones and destroy families ... burn in hell ccbs!

Anonymous said...

Obviously the 03 posting by anaonymous were women, that's why all dun blame the wives.
But come on, be objective about it.
It's a flight attend job to do PR with their passengers especially SIA.
The man went up to talk to a FSS(in the galley) & his wife slapped the FSS??????
This wife need to seriously work out with her husband their matrimonial problem.
If she cannot part her luxurious lifestyle due to her rich husband then she need to keep her eyes shut when her husband is trying to strike a conversation with a PYT.

Anonymous said...

well said....for the 2nd and 3rd posts obviously u don't know why our airline is no.1....its the cabin crew that makes the difference... pr, service etc etc... the stewardess was just doing her stop making ignorant remarks