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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Crew robbed at outstations.

There were many cases of our crew being robbed at outstations,places where they night stopped. Here in my blog,I will try to mentioned cases where I do know. Of course,there are crew out there who may know of more cases than I do. Please email me your stories so I may post them here.

  • Two male crew,one of them wearing a Rolex watch,was stopped at gunpoint by a man on the street of LA, at around 11pm. The two crew scooted off and the gunman fired three bullets but missed them. These two guys were lucky because according to the police the gunman was slightly drunk.
  • One male crew was beaten until he lost consciousness by a group of hooligans at a deserted hotel car park. They took away his valuables,cash and credit cards.
  • At LA street,in broad daylight,two off duty stewardesses were punched and robbed off their LV hang bags while waiting for the lights to change.
  • A Malay steward was slashed by a robber in his hotel room in London. He lost his cash and a gold chain. The robber pretended he was a hotel staff and wanted to check the mini bar in the steward's room.
  • In San Francisco, an ex colleague was robbed by a beautiful woman at gunpoint whom he picked up on the street,in his own hotel room
  • At Shepherd Bush,London, one crew was robbed off her Rolex watch and LV hang bag at knife point.
  • At Istanbul,Turkey, a co-pilot was beatened unconscious and robbed of his cash and even his uniforms.
  • In Rome, a husband and wife crew were gassed in their hotel room while sleeping and the robbers made off with two gold Rolex watches and their cash.
  • In Australia,especially at Sydney's Kings Cross,a few crew were relieved off their money and valuables.
  • In Frankfurt and other parts of Europe,crew had been pick pocketed many times by gypsy kids and beautiful women.
  • In Johannesburg, crew were also robbed at gunpoint.
  • In other parts of the world where SQ crew night stopped, there many other cases which I cannot recalled at this moment.

Tips on how to avoid being robbed.

  • Do not wear expensive watches or jewelleries.
  • Do not carry branded bags like LV, Pravda etc.
  • Avoid carrying too much cash.
  • Don't show off your branded clothes and shoes while walking on the street.
  • Try to move in groups especially in USA,South Africa etc.
  • Avoid coming back to hotel rooms late in the night.
  • Avoid dark alleys or dimly lit streets.
  • Do not pick up women and bring them to your room,no matter how gorgeous or sweet they may be.
  • Watch your wallets,hand bags and purse.
  • Keep all your valuable items and passports in the hotel safe.(usually they are free of charge for crew)

Even if your observe the above rules,remember you are still not immuned to being robbed or pick pocketed or fleeced by those mostly professional robbers.

Boh Tong has flown for 35 years but never fell victim to the above. Reason?...BT do not look rich or worthwhile to be robbed.


Anonymous said...

In the 70s it was fashionable for some male crews to carry a sort of leather hand bag with a strap which you could loop your wrist through. One such crew was Chief S Wong who would carry such bag slung on the wrist of his hand. One day Chief steward S Wong while nightstopping at Amsterdam Okura Hotel was walking on the street pavement nearby, on his way to lunch, when he saw a man running about play with his pet dog, chasing each other. S Wong was so amused by the action and fun the man was having with his dog that he stood to watch the play. There were occasions when the man ran passed S Wong very closely, almost in body contact with the latter. After a while, the man stopped playing and carried his dog ran along to some place else. S Wong proceeded to walk to where he was to have lunch. After some distance S Wong lifted his hand and to his horror realised that his leather bag he had earlier slung on his wrist was now missing from his hand. His thoughts quickly made his realise that the man with the dog had got so near him to cut the strap from his wrist. It turned out that the roadside entertainment he watched was not for free. He had to pay with the whole wallet in the leather bag. XCrew.

Anonymous said...

omg..sounds so scary.. being robbed sux big time.. lolz