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Friday, 26 October 2007

Don't bullshit la cos employer don't want to employ older workers!!

According to today's Straits Times, the Spore government is going to pump $300+ millions to train workers for the tourism sectors. They are also targeting the retirees and older workers to get them back to work. Singapore is going to be acutely short of workers when the 2 IR are up and running in 2 to 3 years time.

One thing for sure is very few employers would want to employ older workers or retirees. Take for example,one of my ex colleagues whom the WDA and NTUC said they would help him get a job for the last 2 years had failed miserably. This guy was a retired cabin crew trainer and executive specialising in the hospitality line. He taught SIA cabin crew on how to serve and win over the passengers for the last 30 years and yet no employer wanted him. He did not demand for high pay but said $2,000 a month salary would do. Come on don't kid ourselves because employers are prejudiced against old people.

My suggestion is for the government to make it compusory for companies to employ older workers and retirees.


Anonymous said...

The gov should start the ball rolling, lol

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha, this website really put up by EX-CCE meh???????

Ayeh, leave airline so long already still want to come back to work!

Ching ay buay pai seh!

skin must be thicker than a few Elephants put together leh.

An Chua leh mai ka other Airlines chor kang leh??

Last time I had to pay you all $80,000 for my IFS promotion.

Now the black market rate go up to $250,000 for post of IFS.