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Thursday, 25 October 2007

If you are a beautiful newly recruited stewardess...

"Si peh chump lah" ( Hokkien for "poor little thing") if you are the above. First thing the instructors will be eyeing you like buayas ( crocodiles). Then if yours is a mixed class,your young male batch mates may decided to drop their girlfriends in exchange for you.

When you eat in the canteen at STC (SIA training Center),many office men from all the other departments will also train their eyes and c*** on you. Their ages range from 18 to 62. Then there will be the pilots at the canteen too as well as other male cabin crew who are there for various reasons like renewing their SEP ( safety equipment procedure),attending refresher courses or being called up by cabin crew management for passengers' complaints etc. Be careful of these hungry wolves.

Don't forget the ah peks,the cleaners,foreign workers and the sharks also.....all will be staring at you and better still if you are scantily dressed. Remember,there is this gadget call hand phone cum camera (during my time no such thing). If you sit "kang kang"(open legs la) they take your picture.

Some guys esp. pilots and stewards will try to share your table and eat with you.They will subtly ask for your contact nos. After that,they will contact you and give you all kinds of crap advices and try to help you pass your training exams,promise you protection etc.....

Once you fall into their traps, ha....they will bed you lor...what else would a man want to do with a gorgeous newbie girl like you?

Once you graduated,like 4 months later, you will be flying solo. This time could even be worse than at STC. Passengers will also be targeting you as well as pilots and stewards. Senior and junior stewards will try to be nice to you and during night stop,will call you to their rooms for a "drink". Once you entered his room,you may get into trouble.

During flight,male paxs may try to impress you with their PPS cards and their connection with your managers,SVP, CEO,Chairman etc. If you don't like them,no need to be rude but just show them your "engagement" ring. If they promise you expensive gifts like buying you condominiums,houses,cars etc..accept them quickly (like ex stewardess Beh did) before they change their minds and go for another newly graduated colleague.

Aiya there are so many more things to say here but I think the above will sufficed.

Remember one thing ok cos if no male colleagues or male paxs ever ask you for a date or ask for your hand phone numbers then better look at the mirror and perhaps visit boh tong's beauty blog....kekeke.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha Uncle BT

Just love your sense of humor. You think these young gals today so naive like during our time meh ??? Please la , they are so street smart ...hahahah. Some can even con our senior stewards. hahah

...thank God sister sister here don't have to look at the mirror. Today still quite laku la...heheh


Anonymous said...

aiya Mata I agree with U la that they even con the senior like the cs who was conned into gving 5k ..remember?
U ah no need to say wan cos even now has Laotian BF...rite? or got new BF already...kekeke

Anonymous said...

Ah yo Uncle BT , please dun broadcast that I have Laotian bf leh . heheheh

Still with him Met him when he was coming on board ex LHR. He works in Singapore. Getting his PR soon. Not sure where he will be posted to next. hahhah

Anyway I am taking one step at a time la. When you are in love , all the ugly paxs on board just don't bother u a bit la. Ah ya , me old leow , cannot flirt too much la. So still stick to one. Maybe during my FSS days can la. hehehe


Anonymous said...


did you chase beautiful newly recruited too during your time with SIA?


btw your blog is good

Anonymous said...

Leungcha to be honest yes I did and thanks for liking my blog.
BT :)