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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The one that got away.

Lian was a voluptuous stewardess,one that many men would loved to "bed" with. She also have that "CFM" look. With a vital statistic of 36-24-36,many a passenger and crew would drool over her.
Tony an insurance agent was Lian's boyfriend. He had cautioned Lian not to go out with any male crew or passenger during her night stops. Tony was a very jealous type but then which boyfriend wouldn't. He had threatened Lian if he ever heard that she went with any male he would kill her. Lian knew better than to doubt Tony's threat.
Lian had a difficult time warding off proposal of marriages, dates, gifts,cash etc from her male passengers. She did not want to hurt or disappoint Tony her beloved boyfriend. So during her night stops,no matter how bored she might be she would mixed around only with the girls.
During one Christmas eve (can't remember which year), the crew decided to have a party during their 3 day night stop in Auckland.
Lian being in a festive mood totally forgot about her boyfriend's advice not to party or go out with any man.
That night in Auckland, the crew party the whole night and by the wee hour of the morning,Lian who had a whale of a time was pissed with too much alcohol. She wanted to go back to her room but could not walked steadily. Her chief steward volunteered to escort her back to her room.
Once inside the room,the chief steward who had been fantasising having sex with her on many occasions,seized this golden opportunity and stripped her naked and the rest was history.
Lian got up in the afternoon with a heavy hangover and instinctively realised she had been FBI chief steward early that morning when he supposedly escorted her back to her room.
She broke down and cried and immediately rang her gay supervisor up and confided in him. Lian begged him not to report the matter to the company because she did not want her boyfriend to know about the rape incidence.
The supervisor on arrival at Singapore went to see the manager in charge the next day and told him about Lian's case. Since Lian did not want to press charges against the CS, the case was closed with the manager verbally warning that CS.
To this day Tony,Lian's boyfriend (now husband) does not know his wife was FBI in Auckland.

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