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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Passengers said "Arigato"

Besides complaining about bad service,there are a few passengers who will write to the company when they received good service from the crew.
Below are a few I've decided to post in my blog.

  • Mr. Lam (not real name) was a disabled passenger who was paralysed from his waist down. During the flight, he emptied his bowels in his pants. The cabin crew took great pains in cleaning him up.They also devoted a lot of their time taking great care of him even though they had a plane load of passengers. Another passenger was touched by the crew's kind gesture and complimented the crew by writing to SIA. The crew were awarded the MD's Award for outstanding service for that particular year.
  • Mrs. Torino broke her shoe heels on the flight. She didn't have another pair of shoes with her and it looked like she had to walk barefooted when she arrived at Changi Airport. To her surprise, a stewardess offered Mrs. Torino her own pair of shoes. Mrs Torino wrote to SIA commending the stewardess.
  • An ex-colleague of mine put his hand into the toilet bowl to fish out a 2 carat diamond ring for Mrs. Surino who had earlier dropped it. This ex-colleague was commended by the company but later on was pressured to retire because of the "bald headed nun" case.
  • Another ex-colleague managed to calm down an unhappy passenger on the flight because they could not locate his kosher meal and later on brought this passenger on a tour of Singapore,was commended by the company. He left the airlines a few years later and despite his plea for free tickets was turned down. He is now a PPS passenger on SQ and has a string of flourishing restaurants here and abroad.
  • A passenger who was so grateful to the inflight supervisor for upgrading her to the first class wrote to thank SIA for that generous gesture,got the over zealous supervisor into hot soup.

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