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Monday, 22 October 2007

The Pros and Cons of being a Cabin Crew.

Its more fun working as a flight attendant or cabin crew than say working in the office. Of course being SIA's CEO is better(salary beli high plus travel first class all the time lor) but that is out of reach for most of us. Why? No degree from Inferior College,University of Lootoon,that's why stupid!
Certainly there are ups and downs being a crew like in any other jobs but there are more ups than the downs.

The "Ups":

  • Can work with charming and sometimes bitcy young girls.
  • If you are a female,here is your chance to work with handsome young men but some are closet "ah kuahs" otherwise "uncloset" ones with make-ups on their faces.
  • Salary not bad leh eg. stewardess gets between $3,500 to $4,500 (basic plus all kinds of allowances), LS,CS and IFS between $4,000 and $6,500 per month.
  • Working conditions quite good because can "sleep on the job"( crew rest period stretching from 3 hours upwards depending on how long the flight time is )Nowadays, senior crew beli lenient and even CEO said ok to have fold-down seats in the galleys to rest their backsides. Can also eat aircraft food even from first class and many times can have the rare luxury of washing their hands and faces with Dom Perignom Champagne( balance ones from opened bottles before landing). Aiya so too many more to mention ok!
  • Free travel every year for self and family and unlimited discounted travel on SQ flights.
  • Heavily subsidised(almost pree) medical and dental consultation from SIA contracted clinics. ( Crew no need to join the sometimes 3 hr. queue up at polyclinics).
  • Can get discounts from other airlines,car rentals, shops,hotels,travel agents from all over the world etc etc. ( sorry Geylang "China girls" don't give discounts).
  • Can also stay in ***** stars hotels and see the world ( these days night stop too short even got no time to "pan sai")
  • Got chance to meet Hollywood stars too ..aiya no need to mention about MediaCorp stars bcos can see them in courts amh over cases like drunk driving,speeding.....
  • Have a chance to pose for a picture with MM Lee or SM Goh or even PM Lee lor ( they always willing wan)
  • Pretty stewardesses got chance to "kow suah" rich passengers or marry cockpit crew.
  • Able to eat the best "char siew and duck" rice from London's Bayswater. For our Muslim colleagues, can have the best "tosai masala" from the streets of Dubai.
  • Alamak,too many more to mention lah....hey cabin crew members can help list them down in the comment space below?

The "downs"

  • Kena work long hours and beli often have to "walk all the way from Singapore to New York (example) except for the short rest period.
  • Kena bully by PITA passengers,sometimes kena abused verbally and physically. They scold your mother and father too,esp. Singaporeans.
  • Working for kiasu cabin crew management. But overall top management is ok lah.
  • Sometimes bcos of strong influence,may eventually change sex status.( most "ah Kuahs" or gay la stupid, were not gays when they join SQ)So have to jaga your "backside".
  • Can pick up bad habits and become addictive gamblers and drinkers.
  • Flying into different time zones frequently can cause health problems as well as mental problems like ex-stewardess Beh.
  • Got some more lah but don't want to scare the cabin crew wannabes.


Anonymous said...

female value drop to zero when pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Why ah?

Anonymous said...

Because once pregnant will be asked to leave.