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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Skytrax rated SIA best airlines but MAS has best cabin crew!

"The 2006/7 World Airline Survey was our longest running and largest passenger survey ever" said Edward Plaisted (CEO of survey organisation, Skytrax). "We received over 14 million eligible nominations around the world during the 11 month survey, further underlining the project's title of being the World's Largest Passenger Survey.

"Singapore Airlines is named Airline of the Year, and we congratulate them on this outstanding achievement. In addition to a very strong performance across most survey categories, Singapore Airlines was also winner of another major award, taking the world's Best Business Class title for 2007."

Commenting on the 2007 Airline of the Year Award, Singapore Airlines CEO, Mr Chew Choon Seng, said "We're very grateful to our many customers who have supported us in this poll. Like other awards we receive, this will inspire our people to keep up the good service and do even better in the future."

"The jostle for Airline of the Year title was fairly constant throughout the survey period, and in particular the top 5 positions fluctuated on quite a regular basis - before Singapore Airlines clinched 1st place in the final count. I must in particular highlight the performance of the other top 5 airlines - Thai Airways taking second position (climbing from 4th in 2006), Cathay Pacific (a former winner of the title) ranked in 3rd place, Qatar Airways securing 4th position, and a new entrant to the Top 5 group, with Qantas taking 5th position."

"As with the majority of the survey studies we conduct, the World Airline Survey is primarily focussed on the Quality attributes that different airlines offer - be it in the airport or the onboard environment. Of course, in making a nomination for a Best Airline based on the standards of product and service, the survey participants will pay due regard to the value-for-money equation, but we do not set out to evaluate which airlines might have the largest network or most frequent schedules. It is all about quality, and how the customer rates one airline against another."

The title of Best Cabin staff goes to Malaysia Airlines, who have been a frequent winner of the title in some previous years. The CEO of Malaysia Airlines, Mr Idris Jala, said "I am very proud of our cabin crew and their outstanding performance. Our crew treat our customers as guests in our own home. They are natural, spontaneous, determined and willing to demonstrate the best of Malaysian hospitality."
Courtesy of World Airline Award and Skytrax


Anonymous said...

When many airlines around the world were changing their logos and liveries in the late 70s, MAS (Malaysian Airline System) also followed suit. They were losing money at that time and so in a board meeting the subject of changing the airline logo and livery was brought up. One director suggested that the name Malaysian Airline System be changed to Malaysia Airlines. At first, the other directors objected. But later he argued that more of the travelling public could be tricked into flying with MAS with the change to the name. He explained that many of the SIA would be passengers be fooled into travelling with them – by manipulation of the fonts, MALAYSIA AIRLINES would appear to be MALAY SIA AIRLINES. The board of directors all agreed that it was a great idea and were in favour of the change, for it would mean that many SIA potential passengers would fly with MAS, thinking that it also belonged to SIA. Thus the new name was adopted.
Some people, even MAS staff themselves believe the above story. But for now my apologies to my ex-MSA fellow Cabin Crew –Gopal, Zahir, Gan Mau Lam, Barry Lee, Richard Lee, Richard Goh, Eddie Lim(or Abdullah), Mansor, George Spring , Augustine Chew, and many more. No heart feelings. XCrew.

Anonymous said...

True or not Xcrew?

Anonymous said...

Maybe BT can answer that. But cannot promise you whether he says true or not. XCrew.

Anonymous said...

Just a story to share. My friends traveled MAS from Mel-Sin 2 months back. During the coffee-tea service, my friend passed the cup to the stewardess and told her she wanted coffee. I guess the stewardess did not hear my friend and snapped at her, "DO you like to have coffee or tea, I CAN'T READ MINDS."

Congratulations for the best cabin crew award!

Anonymous said...

Not altogether a tall story. It really could have happened as told. You know how the big boys on the other side of the causeway behave. As for Singapore we have the Kiasu attitude, the abangs there have the Tah mahu kala attitude. So XCrew may not be bluffing.