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Monday, 5 November 2007

The arrogant PITA expatriate captains.

We had and still have captains from Air India,British Airways,Qantas etc flying for SIA. Some if not most of these ex BA, Air India as well as other international airlines captains flying for SIA used to be PITA (pain in the arse ) pilots. However,I must confess that these days these pilots are better and more civil to the cabin staff.

The period was from 1970 to 1985 when I, myself have had problems with a few of these PITA captains. I was then a flying cabin crew,a chief steward and later an Inflight Supervisor (IFS).

These expat captains thought the world of themselves,as though they were the only human beings capable of flying aeroplanes. They behaved like colonial bullies to the cabin crew.

There was a particular captain from Air India by the name of Buto (not his real name). He was a fair skinned northern Indian and used to fly as a senior captain for AI. He used to shout at the cabin crew for the slightest thing.

One day Buto was travelling as a passenger and I happened to be the chief steward serving him in the first class. During the flight,he kept pressing the call bell and bothered us so much that it interrupted the service to the other revenue first class passengers. When his order for whisky was delayed a little while,he would shout at my stewardess and banged the tray table.
His favourite phrase was "I will complain to your director".
On that flight,Buto drank a lot and he was almost drunk. Using my discretion,I told my crew to stop serving him alcohol. Buto became furious and summoned me to his seat and in front of the other passengers told me , "in Air India, I would have got you a sack". I replied politely that this was Singapore Airlines and not Air India. Of course,my reply got him so mad that he almost punched me.
Following this,Buto marched into the cockpit and complained to the captain flying the aircraft that I was rude and had refused to serve him alcohol.
In the cockpit operating the flight was another ass**** ex Air India captain. So can you imagined the position I was in?
My order not to serve Buto alcohol was overruled by the operating captain.

Another incident was about a British captain. His name was "Cock" and this happened around 1973. He was flying the B707 then.
He lined the whole cabin staff of the flight in the cabin before passengers boarded the plane and scolded us like children for not introducing ourselves immediately when he boarded the plane.
During flight, he would intimidate the cabin crew by asking questions on safety procedures,equipments etc. If anyone fail to give him a proper answer,he would threaten to "off-load" us at the next transit station.
If Cock was not served with the food of his choice,he would find fault with us. Usually the favourite dishes were taken up by the first class passengers. These revenue passengers have priority over the crew as far as food was concerned. Crew were supposed to eat the food which was not taken by the first class passengers ("left overs")
Cock was not particularly happy to eat "left overs". He expected us to use our "discretion" to deceive the passengers and gave him priority over them.
There were many other cases of abuse by these expat captains which I may mention here in my blog some other time.


Anonymous said...

I like this story. Haha, there are really some Butos and Cocks like those who you mentioned. These people are idiots and have a problem mentality, I am in management and have met a number of senior management figures who are like this too, but the worse of the lot are those who are arrogant and stuck up but can be so ridiculously 'humble' and 'meek' towards their own bosses. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

U are absolutely right my friend. Well what to do? Life is like that man...all the cocks & butos lol

Anonymous said...

I am in the financial industry. Hope to read more about similar stories. There are many idiots and clowns around in the workplaces, with no qualms about going against the principle of sincerity and honesty and integrity. Thank you.