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Friday, 23 November 2007

One of my favourite trainees.

M was a soft spoken,gentle and beautiful Japanese stewardess who stared as a trainee in my class in the late 1980s. Her skin was soft and milk liked. So sweet was M that I couldn't take my eyes off her even while I was teaching the class. It was a great feeling taking this type of trainees. Every morning,I looked forward to the classroom and teaching these lovely girls. There were also others in the class who were attractive but there was none like M.
As a professional trainer, I managed to suppressed my feelings for M. I had to be impartial and nice to the other trainees too,although I had to be very strict to them at times.
This type of work,like teaching these gorgeous girls just keep you want to go on working endlessly.There was so much "incentive" and "motivation" in taking this type of girls. Well of course, there were classes where the instructors felt like vomitting "blood" and I had my fair share of them.
M knew quitely that I was admiring her all the time. Good thing about M was that she never once took advantage of me or made used of me. We understood one another's position and that made me adore her more.
M excelled in her classroom work and she was made one of the class monitors. She was exemplary all round and was chosen to be the best trainee of the class not only by me but the other two instructors of hers as well.
I had the opportunity to fly with her after her graduation from STC. I remember it was an Osaka flight whereby we stopped there for a few days.
From the time we left the aircraft after the flight and in the coach travelling to our hotel, we sat beside each other and talked till we reached our hotel in Osaka.
We were more relaxed with each other since we were off-duty. We ocassionally held hands while in the bus.........


Anonymous said...

Thought your favorite trainee is Beh :-)

Anonymous said...

No lah Beh was Ron's favourite not mine.

Dare_me said...
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boh tong said...

M passed away after leaving the airline so I was told.