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Sunday, 4 November 2007

That Old Filthy Lying Rich Cock.

It was many years ago when we happened to meet this filthy rich old passenger in the first class cabin. Let us call him Mr. Lee. He could not speak English and so we conversed with him in Hokkien,a Chinese dialect. Of course Lee was delighted because we communicated with him in Hokkien.
My chief steward and I spoke with Lee and found out that he was making his money through some sort of financial speculation or gambling. We were very impressed when he related to us how he came from China as a penniless young man and through his shrewdness and hard work made tons of money.
At that time his company was going public and we asked him for tips on how to make money from the stock market. His advice was.."young men,save every cent you earn and never,never gamble". When asked whether we should invest in his company share ( IPO was not more than 20cents),he again told us not to get involve in shares as it was a form of gambling.
Sometime during the flight,Lena, a lovely stewardess who worked in the first class came to me and the chief steward and told us Lee had whispered into her ear and prompted her to buy as much as she could afford of his company shares. When Lena told him she did not have money to buy the shares,Lee told her with a cheeky wink in his eyes that he would give her $20,000.
My chief steward and I was disappointed with Lee's insincerity. But then being a shrewd businessman and a flesh man,who would not want to make advances at a girl like Leena.
A few months later,Lee's company shares shot up to $5.
Mr. Lee has since been six feet underground (dead and burried).


Anonymous said...

So you have the last laugh

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to laugh about.

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling i knw who u're talking about