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Thursday, 15 November 2007

MM Lee,a gentleman and Capt. "Balls"

There was a time when there was no bed provided in the first class cabin of SQ's B747.
Feeling tired and unable to rest comfortablely in his first class seat,MMLee (was PM Lee at that time) asked the inflight supervisor to speak to the captain in charge to allow him,MM Lee, to sleep in the crew bunk which was situated in the cockpit. In return,the cockpit crew would rest in the first class seats during their rest period.
The flight time was something like 13 hours and it was in the night.
In the above situation,most captains would obliged MM Lee but in this instance,the captain of the flight turned down the request.
When the supervisor conveyed the news to MM Lee, he was pleasantly surprised to hear what he was told. MM Lee told the supervisor in a gentlemanly way that he accepted the answer, afterall the captain was the commander of the flight.


Anonymous said...

After that the captain became 2nd officer right?

Or the Captain forced to resign?


Forces of the unknown

Anonymous said...

No,that bugger is still a captain.Come on la our MM is not like that. The captain that got booted out and lost his PR was because of his invovlement in union activities.They were not the same capts.
boh tong