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Monday, 12 November 2007

What about these PITA captains?

  • Capt A very often would order the cabin to line up outside the cockpit and demanded that they introduced themselves to him before the flight. He insisted that the crew gave him the respect as a commander. All the cabin crew hated him as he was arrogant and bossy. The crew's prayer was answered when he was sacked for repeatedly molesting stewardesses during night stop at outstations.
  • Capt D frequently quarreled with the CC (cabin crew) because of food. All crew,including the Almighty captains were allowed to consume first class main course after there are extras which were not eaten by the first class passengers.In the case whenever they were "left overs", the captain of the plane has the first priority over the crew. On many flights capt D would get suspicious when his requests for the main course were unavailable. He had the suspicion that CC lied to him and as a result he would personally visit the galleys and opened all the ovens to make sure CC did not hide his choice of main meals. He once found a Lobster in the oven which the CC told him there was none left. The poor IFS (inflight supervisor) had a terrible flight from then onwards. Actually, a stewardess had requested for the lobster and the IFS decided to reserve it for her. What a shame for a senior captain of a B747 who commanded a salary of about $25,000 a month to fight over food with his subordinates!
  • Capt. DC would on most of his international flights brought along an empty bottle and asked the CC to fill it up with the free Black Label Whisky which was meant for the first class passengers. There was a time when an IFS had refused to carry out his dishonest command. Instead of "screwing" the IFS up, he threw tantrum at his co pilot. This co pilot literally begged the IFS to do him a favour by dishonestly topping up the empty bottle. For the sake of the co pilot who was a nice guy,the IFS obliged. This cheapskate capt had 3 bungalow houses in the prime district!
  • Capt. K was a real "chee hong" and he would not speak with any male CC except the stewardesses. He often invited the stewardesses to sit in the cockpit for the take-offs and landings. He would "try" on the girls by inviting them to his hotel rooms during the night stops and offered them tea and coffee which was stolen from the aircraft.( He usually brought along his mug and hot rod for boiling water)
  • There were captains who abused their power by upgrading any "skirts" they want to "try" to the first class. The abuses were so rampant that SIA management issued strict order that no one was allowed to upgrade any passengers for one's selfish gain.

The list goes on and on......don't believe what I blogged? Then ask any CC except those who are related to these PITA captains!

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Anonymous said...

everything cuts both ways. if there are PPS PITA, SIA is also the biggest PITA in town if you are a supplier to SIA. Constantly demanding the freebies in additional services not in the contract, all because SIA has big bargaining power.

BT, the people in Airline House are real PITAs.