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Saturday, 10 November 2007

Yes,Capt LSC again

There was another case whereby a passenger challenged this captain. It was during transit at HKG with the flight terminating at SFO (San Francisco).
Captain LSC was looking forward to eagerly fly the B747 to SFO. However,when he and his FO (first officer)boarded the plane,a transist passenger pointed his finger at the two crew and shouted loudly from the cabin..."Oh no not another chink!"(a derogatory term for Chinese).This pax was apparently upset at having a Chinese captain commanding the flight from SIN (Singapore) earlier.
Without much hesitation,Captain LSC coolly radioed for the ground staff and got that racist pax off-loaded.
On realising what an extra day at HKG would cost him,the pax begged the ground staff to let him talk to the captain.He promised to behave himself and apologise to the captain if he was allowed back on the flight.
That pax was refused back on the plane and he had the "misfortune" to spend another day tolerating a few millions chinks in HKG.


Anonymous said...

yeah right, the pax might just take over control of the cockpit halfway throught the journey, and this endangers 400+ pax lives.

Anonymous said...

U are 100% rite!

Nick said...

Capt LSC is 'chockie'? if so, he is a real nice guy.. i drink with him often.. wasn't he MM lee's fav captain?

Boh Tong said...

hi nick,yes he is chokie..nice guy but i dono whther he is mm lee's fav capt.