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Friday, 14 December 2007

From rags to riches and riches to ....(3)

Thea did not expect her dad to leave her an inheritance,let alone such a big one. She thought her dad had disowned her and willed everything to her relatives but she was wrong.
Anyhow,now that Thea was finacially independent,her attitude towards Tim changed for the worst. She would pick the slight reason to quarrel with Tim.
Somehow,Tim realised that all these whiles,Thea was not sincere in their relationship. When she depended on him finacially she pretended to be loving towards him.
Tim regretted for leaving his first wife and the children.He thought Thea loved him but now he was disappointed.
Thea eventually left Tim for a younger man and left Singapore for the U.S.A with her lover.They settled down in Las Vegas,Nevada.
As for Tim,he was a broken and lonely man.The last we heard of him was,he had cancer and was dying in a hospice.

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