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Sunday, 9 December 2007

From rags to riches and riches to ....

Tim was an ex colleague of mine. As a matter of fact, Tim was my senior in age as well as in the airlines. He joined during the time of Malayan Airways and is easily in his 70s now.
Ask any senior cabin crew and they will tell you how miserly Tim was. He would packed the aircraft food leftovers and brought them home to feed himself and his family to save a few miserable dollars. He saved every single cents he earned as a crew. During his stops at oversea stations,he would cooked Maggi noddles in his hotel room and eat them with some of the aircraft food he stole.
All the umpteenth years we knew Tim,he had not once offered to buy us a cup of coffee or drinks. Often,he would scrounged on others, especially the junior crew.
By the time he was in his 30s,he owned a big house in the prime district of Singapore and an apartment. Both his properties were fully paid.
By age 50,Tim was worth around S$5 million in assets and cash. He also speculated and made money in the share market. Tim was branded as a rich poor cheapskate by his colleagues. If ever he wanted a f**** at outstations,he would use his position as a senior purser to arm twist some of the stewardesses and sometimes deceived the innocent and naive female passengers into sleeping with him.
What a rascal this Tim was!
When Tim retired, he was a relatively wealthy old man. His children are professionals drawing big bucks.
One night in a casino at Genting Highland,he met a awesome looking lady from China by the name of Thea. Tim had never seen such a beauty like Thea and immediately fell for her.
Flashing his diamond studded gold Rolex and thousands of dollars worth of gambling chips,he enticed Thea closer to him on the Baccarat table. When Thea's chips were down,Tim would pushed stacks of hundred dollars chips to her to continue gambling.
By early morning,Thea had lost a fortune and had owed Tim a clear 400,000 Ringgit ( about US$100,000)and had no choice but to sleep with Tim for the rest of her trip which was another 3 days.
Life for Tim had turned more exciting with Thea. She had also fallen in love with Tim. Over the next few months, Tim left his old wife and moved into his apartment with his China mistress,Thea.
The two of them seemed compatible even though there was a 30 year generation gap.
To be continued.......


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