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Sunday, 3 February 2008

boh tong lazy long time no tell juicy stories hor?...continues..

Each time JJ sent Jenny to the airport for her "business" trip, he would drool over the SQ stewardesses in their sexy Balmain Kebaya. He had made a few friends with them but would not dare to venture beyond the casual friendship. JJ knew Jenny would be mad with him should she found out he had affair with any women. JJ also knew Jenny had hired a platoon of private detectives to watch him. He was a precious commodity to Jenny for no men could satisfied her sexual pleasure as much as him. The "others" were merely clients whom she would made suckers of them.
One fine day, with cunning planning, JJ managed to become a steward but it wasn't long before Jenny found out. She was so mad with him that she almost had him beaten up by some hired professional thugs.
He was forced to resign from his stewarding post and Jenny paid the bond on his behalf.
Being forced to leave his new found job and the gossips he had to endure, JJ packed up and ran off to a far off land. He was branded as a parasite,a blood sucker, a mean jigolo bla bla by Jenny's friends and clients so much so that he could not take it anymore.
No one knew where JJ was. Jenny hired professionals to track JJ down but without much success. From Malaysia to Australia and Europe,the hired professionals went about trying to trace JJ. No one knew where JJ was,not even his close friends and relatives.
A year had passed and still there was no news of JJ's whereabouts. How did JJ disappear without a single trace? Was he killed or did he run off with another woman were the questions that kept coming back to Jenny's mind. No one really knew where JJ was? Do you have any info on his whereabouts? To this day, Jenny's reward of 50k still stands if anyone has any info leading to the discovery of JJ.


Anonymous said...

For exposing Jenny's story to the public, Jenny has offered a $100k reward for BT's head (either head is fine for her).

BT better go into hiding now. lol.

Anonymous said...

this story dont tally, if jenny can spend so much money to track JJ , why only offer 50K? Do you know the price of paying for private eyes in overseas? full of bullshit. Why would JJ want to leave a golden goose just over a job to serve in the air?

Anonymous said...

aka communication breakdown. Learn how to talk it out haha.

Anonymous said...

aiya. just read for fun lah.

Anonymous said...

Wanna perfect stories go and buy JK Rowling's Harry Potter? Uncle boh tong is trying his level best to entertain us for free or maybe a few cents he would make IF we click on the google ads. Give the old guy a break!
Nice Gal

Anonymous said...

SIA cabin crew stories? what about stories on SIA pilots and the first officers? I am sure they have alot of gossips and especially politics. I know of a pilot (first officer to be precise) who is on SQ - complains so much about working for SQ and plus he doesnt have much rest before he flies so I wonder how does SQ ensure their supposedly pilots have sufficient rest before they take on the more than 50 passengers on board their flights