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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Don't lose heart cos SIA is still a good employer

To an accusation that I am siding SIA blindly regarding the case of the stewardess being slapped by a passenger,I have this to say : I am not! I know what I am saying. SIA had help most of the victims of abused by sending them for counselling at SIA's expense. SIA had also pledge to foot the legal bills if the civil suit was unsuccessful ( all cases were successful eg. the steward who was punched,the stewardess who was spat at and others)
SIA is a good employer so don't lose heart. Some employees and ex employees do not appreciate the kindness and generosity of this airlines because they had never work with other companies before. They should try working for other companies and they would then appreciate SIA.
Many of my former colleagues are still bitter with SQ for letting them "go". This "go" or early retirement cost the company a few million dollars ,at a time when SIA was losing a few million bucks A Day during the SARS period of 2003. I understand SIA had to "borrow" to pay us the gratuities.
My ex colleagues were paid an average of 200K each with free and discounted travel for them and their spouses till the day they died.
All of us were given share options right till the year 2008.Most of us sold our shares recently when SIA surged to more than S$18. Each one made and average of 18K.
Well not all of my colleagues opted for the early retirement. They are a number of them still on SIA payroll to this day. I hope those who remain still appreciate SIA.

Which company in S'pore reward all their 15,000 staff with a 6.07 month bonus last year? A captain's bonus averaged 90k, an inflight supervisor 18K,a stewardess 9k,a SVP perhaps 120k(a guess cos SVP salary is "confidential" but others not confidential...ah BIG deal!) and me zero...hahaha but seriously speaking SIA is a very generous employer.

When a crew was hospitalised he or she stayed in the first class ward with specialist care whether in Singapore or abroad. One IFS who was hospitalised in Honolulu some 20 years ago for a heart attack cost the company 200k. Many others who were chronically sick were given the best medical care.(things have changed a little bit now )

The initial offer of compensation for the next of kin of crew who died in the SQ 006 crash was US$400,000 but was rejected and settled for much more,perhaps a million S$.
The agreement with the union was S$75k for the next of kin.

Free and unlimited discounted travel on SQ and other airlines for self spouse and children,scholarships,bursaries for employee's children, subsidised chalets in S'pore and Malaysia, generous bonuses,club house,car and housing loans,share options, etc etc are being extended to the employees.

I may be "blinded" but if any of you out there know of a better and more generous company please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Is the standard of welfare still the same now as compared to when you were an employee manymanymanymanymany years ago?

Anonymous said...

sure it was better those days but it's still good.

Anonymous said...

What would you have done if an incident similar to stewardess (who was slap)occured to you but the company did not want to take up the case?

Anonymous said...

I would sue the co. as well as the pax..haha

Anonymous said...

Talking about the good old days?Might be true in the past but now? My brother who has a 2nd Upper Class Hons from NUS was offered a job as an AO with SIA at a paltry pay of $1800. And its a contract job with no promises of conversion to permanent position. Financial industries are the way to go despite the sub-prime crisis as most major banks should be able to weather it.