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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Not easy to be a cabin crew.

Referring to the Straits Times published today (Sunday 17 Feb.) on an article concerning the slapping of a stewardess by a passenger recently,one steward even testified he was groped by a male passenger while serving him. This sort of things happened to male crew without being reported.On the other hand many cases of stewardesses being molested were reported to the police and the culprits were dealt with by the law.
Incidences of cabin crew being slapped,punched,kicked,spat at and verbally abused by passengers were not uncommon. The question is why do these passengers turned aggressive and abusive on the flights?
Anyone has the answers? Could you email me if you think you have the answers to my question?

The stewardesses interviewed by the ST stated that they do need to be careful when talking to the passengers. One even went to the extend to say that if possible she would not even want to have "small talks" with her passengers. There is always this fear when doing PR ( airline terminology for public relation or chatting with passenger)because one never know one had said the right thing or the spouses of the passengers may be jealous. Somehow,the airlines expects its cabin crew to do PR with their passengers. This is one of the criterion in the crew's appraisal.

Like Chinese saying " do also die, don't do also die", the crew are always in a difficult position.


Anonymous said...

Do you know how SIA abuse their supplier?

Anonymous said...

The crew are not only expected to PR with the passengers, they are also expected to PR with the rest of the crew... this is acceptable but the crew are also expected to PR with the cockpit crew as well.... Like t havig to introduce themselves to the pilots before flights, if not the pilots get upset and question why crew did not introduce themselves to them... The cabin crew upkeep the reputation and image of the airlines and yet still need to do such things to the pilots.... dun understand why.... When cabin crew does not maintain standards, they receive complainst from the passengers but when the pilots do wrong things.... who complains against them? Like heavy landing? Kudos to the cabin crew who maintains the reputation!

Anonymous said...

who cares how sia abuse their supplier?

Anonymous said...

So SIA cabin crews deserve to be abused by pax, get it?

Do not do unto others as you would expect they should do unto you

Anonymous said...

if we could go on strike, i bet we all would. how we 'kena' from the pax and the crew sometimes, doesn't relly make this job all that it is to be. great way to fly? only if you're a paying pax. but who makes it great anyway? the crew does. but the co. doesnt' seem to recognise it and in fact wants to cut our pay, compromise our safety by giving us crap hotels, and working us overtime with crazy link flights.

Anonymous said...

Ya hor there's a rumour going on that crew's allowance will be cut. Is it true?

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who say that SIA cabin crews deserve to be abused by pax.
I'm very happy to know that you had been abused as i seriously think you deserve it, but feeling sad for you that you had not grown up after all these. Please target on the company itself & not the poor cabin crew who are not even involve. Please grow up & think before you comment.