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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Goodbye Cyril my buddy.

Cyril Teo has passed away peacefully on 25 March and the annoucement is on the Obituiary page of the Straits Times (27 March 2008),inserted by his family and relatives.
A man well loved by many,including the cabin crew of Singapore Airlines,Cyril was a cabin crew manager for almost 3 decades. He was in my opinion, one of the best and fairest managers we ever had.
Cyril was a kind man, taken advantage of(financially) by some his so-called buddies. He was driven to bankruptcy at one stage after his retirement by his "buddies".They manipulated and cheated him but poor Cyril forgave them. At that point of time,he comtemplated suicide but was saved by other well meaning friends and ex colleagues.
Goodbye Cyril and may your kind soul RIP.

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Anonymous said...

Yep Cyril was a kind soul.