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Saturday, 26 April 2008

SIA cabin crew interview at Sheraton Tower Hotel,S'pore on 27 April (Sunday)

Cabin crew (SIA) interview at Sheraton Tower Hotel.
I can visualise the long Q at Sheraton Tower this morning with so many stewardess/steward wannabe trying to fulfill their dreams of becoming SIA's,the world most renown and no. 1 in in flight service, flight attendants.
Understandably many will be booted and go home cursing SIA instead of themselves. Reasons for failing? mmm....many aren't up to the mark and many many more aren't ready for the job.
Aren't ready for the job? Yes many aren't ready because they do not have the commitment,the "do or die" attitude to really fulfill their dreams or they behave like school girls and boys.
Many do not even want to consult professional ex interviewers like myself or SS Tan, my ex colleague for a small fee. They kept asking for free advices and tips....hey like dat how to become cabin stingy!
Better be cockpit crew lah so can save lots of $$$ and buy houses,cars etc and then "ala squat" in the hotel rooms eating instant noodles during night stops ...hehehe
One example,which irks most interviewers would be an answer like " I was just passing by Sheraton on my way to do my shopping and so I hop in for the interview" This shows the lack of seriousness or commitment in wanting to be a flight attendant. Another example is, in the middle of the interview, the wannabe's hand phone suddenly let out that loud ring,ring bye thing. Some may dress shabbily,in their jeans,sandals etc etc.
The interviewers aren't in the mood to entertained those types of wannabes.They have a long and tedious day ahead of them. The whole long process of the interviews with the final results of whom are being recruited has to be announced on the same day. SIA is desperately short of flight attendants.
The interview is supposed to start at 9am and by that time you would see at least 400 candidates in the Q.
SQ or SIA should engage an agency to conduct the walk-in interviews for them,at least the first 2 to 3 rounds and then conduct the final rounds themselves. In this way,SQ would not overstretched their already overworked cabin crew executives, and managers.
I can set up that agency and recruit the retired cces and help out in the interviews for a small fee.....what do you think?


Anonymous said...

I wonder who is stingy the writer of the blog or the prospective cabin crew ?

Anonymous said...

i just went for the 27 interview , and i was kick out in kebaya round....i wonder weather is my mole ? bcs i have a small mole on my forehead .

Anonymous said...

Gosh 27 times and still didn't get the job...must be laga lorry or no personality up la...girl or pay BT to teach you on how to gelek for the interview into the hearts of the interviewers..lor

Anonymous said...

it is not that we do not want to pay the fee for SS Tan talk in order to help us get in SIA.
according to my friends that have joined SS Tan talk, they said nowadays too many wannabies attend the talk at one class so it is very diff for SS Tan to access individually. this is our main concern. Thanks